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Year R

Welcome to Reception!


Thank you for visiting the Reception page. Please read on to find out about the learning that goes on in Reception.


We are learning to use all of our learning skills. These are:


            Messenger for God                                  Perseverance                                      Cooperation



                    Questioning                                         Respect                                           Communication


The children decide upon the theme of their learning. They have currently chosen the theme of 'superheroes' for this half term.


Here are some of the adventures we have been up to in the past term:

Being proud of our successes and celebrating them.


Making lots of delicious foods and tasting them!


Learning about being fit and healthy with Happy Healthy Hannah and Artie Beat.


Learning about different artists and using their styles to inspire our own work... Jackson Pollack...


...and Friedrich Hundertwasser.


We have been using our artistic skills to represent our learning in R.E.

Here, you can see a model showing Jesus blessing the children.





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