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Year R

Welcome to the Spring in Reception

Spring 1

This term we are looking at 'All about me' as voted for by the children. We will be finding out about how our body works.  Our senses and creating our very on children's clinic.   The children have written many questions to 'Ask the Doctor' and hopefully in the last week we will have a real life doctor in to answer all our questions.  

In maths we are developing our number skills and looking at one more and one less.  The children will be exploring numbers in a variety of ways.  They will also be using measures to explore distance, height and capacity.  

In RE we are looking at Celebrations and thinking about all of the special occasions we go to.  We will be finding out about the church family and how they help us to celebrate. 

It looks to be a very interesting half term.

Spring 2 in Reception


The children have voted for under the sea as our new topic.  We will be exploring pirates, treasure, mermaids and life at the bottom of  the ocean.  We may even get stranded on a dessert Island. What would you bring with you?

During the second half of the spring term we prepare ourselves for Easter as we journey through Lent.  The children will be finding out about Jesus life from Bible stories and how we can get our hearts ready for Jesus. 



Autumn Term in  Reception

This term I have chosen the topic for the children, it is called Furry Friends.smiley


We are exploring stories about bears. Our weeks will be filled with adventures through forests, woodlands and fairy tale lands. If you were a bear, where would you live?


We will be finding out about life at St. Peter's and what it is like to be a part of the St.Peter's family. We will be meeting our buddies who will help us to be happy at St. Peter's.  

We do a lot of our learning through songs. We sing about numbers, shapes, position and movement, colours, animals, friendship and food!

We will be finding out about our learning skills and how we can earn our way up the learning ladder. We will be developing our communication skills, showing respect to everyone and everything. Asking some really thought provoking questions. Learning how to cooperate with our new friends. and learning how we can be a Messenger for God.heart


In RE we will be finding out about how much God loves us, how babies are welcomed in God's family and how we can write special prayers to look after babies.


We are looking forward to a great term ahead.

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