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Year 3

David Shepherd's painting of cheetahs in Africa

David Shepherd's painting of cheetahs in Africa 1

In Year 3, our topics will be 'Hunters,' 'Shoreham' and 'The Romans' this year.


In the autumn, we start the year off with our Hunters topic. We'll learn about life in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, research endangered hunters and consider hunters in Africa. We use plenty of super books to help us along with our learning!


Some of our projects include researching and emailing each other with attachments, coding, looking at the art of David Shepherd, making pneumatic systems in DT, beginning to learn French and performing a concert after music sessions with Mr Gilmore.


A historian will join us twice this term to help us with our learning. Have a look at the gallery below.


You can also explore begin to help your learning by clicking on some of the internet links below. Have fun!

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