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Gallery of historian's visit (December 2015)

Welcome to our Year 3 page for 2015/16!

Our first topic this year is 'Hunters' in which we'll look at hunters across the world both nowadays and in the past. We'll explore what it was like to live in the Stone Age and consider how life on Earth changed after that. We'll consider hunting and predators in Africa too. In science, we'll learn about skeletons, muscles and nutrition (eating healthily). In art, we'll learn about the artist David Shepherd. There's a link to see some of his pictures below, although they're a bit expensive!!!


A historian will be coming in in the last week of term to help us celebrate the end of our topic. We'll learn a great deal from him too.

Picture 1 David Shepherd's painting of a cheetah



Sometimes we are given homeworks linked to our topic to complete.


We should be reading every night and getting our parents to write their initials next to what we've written that we've read in our reading logs. We also have phonics or spelling homeworks to do. Spellings come home in our spelling logs, like the one pictured at the bottom of this page.


As you know, a maths homework is sent home every two weeks to complete in your homework books linked to the learning we've been doing in class. On the weeks when you haven't got work to complete in your books, you should be learning your times tables. We need to know our 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 8s and 10s by the end of the year. One really cool way to do this is by using the Percy Parker website on the internet which we use in school all the time. Just ask your parents if you can borrow one of their email addresses to enter in, then you can listen to, sing along and learn any of the times tables! There's a link to the website below. 


There's also a link to the flip counter we use in class. Have a play on it and explore what happens when we add different numbers. To start you off, start with the number 673 and start adding tens. You can have a house point in school if you come in and tell Mr Tolerton what the next five numbers are after adding 10 every time!!!

Picture 1 Our spelling log book comes home regularly
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