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Year 2

Summer Term in 2

Kings and Queens


We have a busy term ahead with our Kings and Queens topic.

We have a very exciting term ahead, we are going to be finding out about the Kings and Queens of England.  We are going to be looking at family trees and our own family trees.  We have an exciting trip planned to the Royal Pavilion.

In literacy we are going to be going on a quest... What is a quest story, how do you write one?


In maths we are going to be putting a lot of effort into 'time'.  We are going to use all of our number sills to solve problems relating to time.  


In science we are going to be looking at how plants grow. 

In RE we are going to be looking at the church around the world and how children around the world pray and follow their faith. 


Exploring numbers with Numicon.

Exploring numbers with Numicon. 1
Exploring numbers with Numicon. 2
Exploring numbers with Numicon. 3
Exploring numbers with Numicon. 4
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