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Year 1

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We start the New Year with our Forests and Fairies topic. In this topic, we will be finding out about what animals live in the woods/forests in this country. We will also be finding out about the birds that we can spot in our locality. Our trip will be a Forest School day at Woods Mill. We will be studying maps and discussing aerial views. 

As well as non-fiction writing about woodland creatures, we will be looking at different fairy stories- with a focus on Little Red Riding Hood. Our role play area is now a nature centre and the children will be caring for some injured creatures as well as bird spotting in our forest.



Our Nature Centre

Zoolab Visit

We were very lucky to have Zoolab come and visit. We were able to get up close and hold (if we dared!!) some very interesting creatures. We met a Giant African land snail, Giant African millipede, corn snake and a dumbo rat.

Woods Mill

We went on a forest school trip to Woods Mill. We had a wonderful day exploring the local outdoor environment. Some of the activities included: safe fire lighting and fire management, making paint using woodland materials, woodcraft activities using simple hand tools and natural resources, natural play trails and den building.


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Year One begins the children's journey into Key Stage One, so it's a very important year. This page is where you can view all of the wonderful things we have been up to and find any useful

information, activities and documents.


Meet our teachers

Our class teachers are Miss Best and Mrs Collins.

Our teaching assistants are Miss Ruddick, Miss Goodchild

and Mrs Hull. 


Here are a few things you might like to know about our year group:


Daily reading –It is important that your child reads every day. Each child will change their reading books on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the days when children do not change their books it is important to re-read their book. We encourage you to share discussions about your child’s reading book to improve their comprehension skills.



  • P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday
    • Please make sure your child has the correct kit and it is labelled with their name.






We started this term by looking at the world we live in. We learnt how the world is split into seven main continents and explored the different animals that are found in the continents and oceans across the world. We worked together to create a class map of the world.



Year One had a lot of fun making their own rainsticks from Pringles tubes as part of their Art and D&T lessons. Children were introduced to the Aboriginal tradition of dot painting. They looked at Aboriginal artwork, discussed techniques, patterns and earthly colours used. Using the artwork as inspiration, they created their own pictures using the dot painting technique. The artwork was then used as the main part of their rainstick. The rainsticks were finished by filling the tubes with foil and rice.The results were fantastic and the children really enjoyed it.                     






Alien Day  


The aliens have landed in Year One.



To celebrate a unit of work based on the book 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon, the Year Ones were invited to an alien party. The children came to school dressed as aliens, participated in various alien activities and ended the day with an alien treat (from Beegu herself). Alien statues, hunting for moon rocks on the school field and reading 'Aliens Love Underpants' were firm favourites! 


Homework Planner- Autumn One- Out of this world!

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