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Number bonds to 10
Number bonds to 20
Counting in 2s and 5s
Matching numeral to number name (within 20)
Numbers to 100

Forests and Fairies

Our Spring term topic is Forests and Fairies. In the first half term we had a visit from the RSPB and found out about birds in our environment. We are going to read well known fairy tales set in the woods, and learn about animals that live in the woods.


On our Forest School trip we went to Stanmer Park. This was an opportunity to learn skills outside. As you can see from the photos we can now:-

*  start a fire (for a camp!)

*  saw wood and drill holes to make a necklace

*  make homes for animals

* work as part of a team

* build a shelter

* toast and eat marshmallow (that great life skill!!)

* find a way to wash hands!



Forest School

Forest School 1
Forest School 2
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Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

 In a galaxy far, far away...


This term we are learning about Space. This will include making our own aliens, and a home for them, building rockets and space buggies and finding out about the planets. 


Class information


Reading: The children are welcome to change their books as and when they need to, although we do remind them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to if they have finished the book. We encourage them to read the book more than once, with the parent reading it the first time, reading together on the second, and finally the child reading independently the third time. For children that find reading hard, this helps them gain confidence and feel successful as a 'reader.'


P.E. is Mondays and Wednesdays. If their kit is named it helps to be organised and get ready quickly.


Homework: In the Autumn term, homework is generally a practical task, either a game, a short Maths or Literacy focus, or something to practise. We introduce homework books in the Spring Term as the Year 1 structure becomes more formal and expectations change.


Useful websites:-



We aim to praise and celebrate children's reading progress to help keep them motivated and have a goal to aim for. When they achieve the next reading level we reward children with a reading certificate, an outstanding certificate and their photo on the WAGOLL board (What A Good One Looks Like). Worth working hard for we are sure you will agree.

Reading certificates

Reading certificates 1
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