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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good Morning! 

I hope your day has got off to a good start today. 

Today is the 180th anniversary of the Penny Black Stamp. It was first used on the 6th May 1840. This was the first adhesive stamp used to send post in the UK, and it features a side profile of Queen Victoria who was the reigning monarch at the time. 

This is a photo of it: 

Below is a template so you can have a go at drawing your own stamp- use who ever you like as your portrait!


Today it is time for some Joe Wicks!


Today is a big, big chapter of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It is called Chapter 5- I Play Pinochle with a Horse. I had never heard of Pinochle before and had to look it up on how to say it! What an odd word! Pinochle is the name of a card game which is what Percy plays in this chapter. 

The video is in two parts due to size restraints so I hope it all makes sense. 

The chapter carries a lot of information, and we will be using it next week to help us discover more about the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus. 


Key vocabulary is underneath the videos. 

Chapter 5- I Play Pinochle With a Horse Part One

Still image for this video

Chapter 5- I Play Pinochle with a Horse Part Two.mp4

Still image for this video


Today you need to use the ideas you collected yesterday about whether you want to be an Athenian or a Spartan. 

It only needs to be a short paragraph or two. Explaining your reasons why you want to belong to Athens or Sparta. What about their lifestyle would you enjoy?

Tomorrow you will be editing this piece of writing. 


1) 917 x 24

2) Give the first six multiples of 8

3) 783.4 ÷ 100


Today we are looking at how angles around a point add up to 360 degrees and how we can use this information to figure out what missing angles may be. 



87 + 53 + 80 + 140 = 360 degrees. 


Below is an example of angles around a point with one missing: 



We have to add up the angles we do have:

110 + 63 + 50 + 75 = 298


We then have our whole turn of 360. 

We subtract 298 from 360 to find the missing angle. 

360-298 = 62

So the missing angle C is 62 degrees. 


Now it is over to you to have a go at these questions: 


If you found yesterday's work a bit tricky, and think you need more practice, you might want to do this worksheet instead. Then you can have a look at the sheet below and maybe just focus on the questions calculating angles to make a right angle and a straight line, rather than 360 degrees. 

Below there is also a video of me explaining how to do some of today's questions set by Miss Stubberfield.

Year 5 calculating angles

Hope this helps. Its quite hard doing calculations upside down!!!

calculating angles (more practice from yesterday)


We are going to create some Grecian art today! 

focusing on the incredible Greek Vases which have revealed to us as historians so much about how the Ancient Greek people lived. 


These vases tell us about the stories, fashions, sports and lifestyle of the Greek people. 

Below is a link to some more information about Greek Vases. 



Having looked through the information, I now want you to have a go at designing your own Greek Vase. 

See if you can stick to the colour scheme of the Greeks - orange, yellow, black. 

See if you can base it on one of the Greek myths you might already know about, or an aspect of Greek life you find interesting such as Olympics, Fashion, Myths etc. 

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