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Wednesday 6th May

Wednesday 6th May

Welcome to Wednesday's home learning tasks - I hope you enjoy them?

Don't forget to check in with the caterpillars...


Personal Social and Emotional development


If you got a chance to make your poster yesterday - well done.  I would love to see them if you would like to send them to me. I can hopefully set up another gallery page.

Tell someone about your poster – what can you tell them? What can you help them with – if someone is feeling sad today can you use your poster to cheer them up? Can you do what your poster is suggesting?

Physical Development - Gross Motor

To do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.


Communication Language and Literacy


Have another listen to The Tiny Seed –

Can you retell the story – or say what is going to happen next if the story gets paused?

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle



An ‘ea’ powerpoint for you – have a look and see if you can read the words that are on the powerpoint  - remember ‘ea’ cup of tea!

ea words powerpoint

Reading Support

As a reminder you can see the large cards in the Read Write inc book

You can have a sneak peek at the sounds to come if you are tempted to go through the pages.




Can you update your caterpillar diary today – Day 14

Think about all of your writing skills.



Maths - Number 


Have another listen to Mr Gumpy’s Outing.

I have got some maths problems for you today - if you are able to read them out to the children.  They can use their props from Monday to help answer them.   

(The questions are on page 3 - the cut outs are there if you want them - purely optional)




Makaton Signed Story: Mr Gumpy's Outing by Singing Hands

Here's one of our favourite books - Mr Gumpy's Outing! #MakatonSignedStories - a gentle story and one man and his day out with a menagerie of animals - what ...

Maths Problems with Mr Gumpy

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