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Wednesday 29th April

Wednesday 29th April

Fact of the day:

Apples can float!



Start your day off with some exercise. Choose either to follow the Joe Wicks live workout or a yoga routine from the Cosmic Kids Yoga link!



Reading for at least 20 minutes today, independently or to an adult. Don't forget, you can still quiz on books at home!


Today we are going to go back to something you have already learnt how to do - finding fractions of amounts. We are going to do this today by looking at some 'would you rather' scenarios. 


Let's recap how to find fractions of amounts. Have a look at the pictures below as I go through an example. 


I want to find one third of 18.

Remember, if my numerator had been 2, then I would have counted 2 of the groups.


Your task today is to work through the questions in the document.

Everybody needs to show their working. I appreciate that you might be able to work some of the fractions out in your head, but please remember what we have talked about in class. As you go through the school and towards year 6, you are expected to show working out without being asked to, it is best to make a good habit of that now. Parents, please encourage this! 


In the picture below you will see an example of how I expect this to be presented in your books. You might want to use different colours as I have when you are doing your work. It helps with setting each stage out.

This video shows how to do the method above, if you need a bit of help. If you know your times tables really well, you probably don't need to use this.

Would you rather??

Video showing you the method

The next document is the answers. I have given you the answer for each fraction of an amount and highlighted in red the one you should have chosen and a reason why. Please mark accordingly. 


Today we are going to do some persuasive writing. 

When you are writing persuasively, you are trying to convince somebody, you are trying to make somebody want to do something. 


Today, I want you to pretend that the head of the Secret Service has asked you to hide some very important documents in your house. 

You are going to write a letter back to them to convince them that you have somewhere safe in your house to hide these documents. You need to persuade them that this is a super safe place and that they can trust you to hide these documents. 


In your letter, you should include:

  • Where you live
  • Where in your house you are going to hide them
  • Why this is a safe place to hide them
  • Will anybody be able to get access to the documents here? Why not?
  • How can they get the documents to you? Will they post them? Is posting them safe? Will you meet them somewhere? Do you have a special machine that means the documents can get to the hiding space safely?


Not only am I looking to see you be persuasive, but I would also like to see you be creative.

Will you hide them in a cardboard box under your bed?

Or will you hide them in a box that looks like it's cardboard but actually it's got 5 padlocks hidden within different layers of password protected metal that requires an eye scanner and can only be seen if you are wearing special glasses? 

Think creatively, think like a spy or a secret agent!


I would like this letter to have 2/3 paragraphs and to include lots of detail. Don't forget to read it back through when you are finished to check that it makes sense. 

I hope you enjoy writing this!


Today we are going to think about the physical benefits of leading an active life and we are also going to think about what could happen physically if we do not have an active lifestyle.


For children at school, it is very easy to lead an active lifestyle. This is because:

  • We have playtime and lunchtime each school day when we are able to run around and play games.
  • We have PE each week.
  • Some children walk to and from school which is also another opportunity. 
  • Some children do clubs after school. 


However, sometimes as we get older, we might choose to do other things with our time instead of playing outside or joining in with clubs. When we become adults, this is even harder as adults have very important jobs to do during the day, and most workplaces don't give you time to run around at a playtime!


The benefits of an active lifestyle

So, what are the benefits, the good things, about leading an active lifestyle? Last week you looked at the mental benefits, so now let's think about the physical ones. 

Have a read of the following website, specifically the part about the benefits.



Have a look through the following presentation as well:

An inactive lifestyle

Well, if we choose not to be active, we don't get any of the things that exercise can give us. 

We might notice that we have less energy, we are at risk of getting ill - there is a higher chance of getting some diseases. Sometimes, if people don't exercise, they might gain some weight because their body is not using up all the food that they are eating so it stays in their body.

Your muscles become weak and we might find it harder to them start doing exercise.


Your Activity:

I would like you to produce an information leaflet. You should fold a piece of paper in half. The front of this will be your front cover, as you can see below. You can design this however you like, include some pictures and make it eye-catching so people will want to pick it up and read it. 



On one side of the inside, you will write about all the physical benefits of an active lifestyle- all the good things exercise does for our body. On the other side, you will write about what happens if we don't have an active lifestyle. 

Use all the information above to help you do this. 


You might want to think about sub-headings and using bullet points. In a leaflet, we don't use really long sentences. Keep them short and straight to the point. However, make sure that you are getting the key information in, don't just write 3 or 4 words!

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