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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Welcome to Wednesday's home learning page. Work your way carefully through the activities today. Enjoy!


Today we will be focusing on problem solving. Watch the video below to before you get started on the activity.

Problem Solving

Please complete the activity below. Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.

A document containing the answers can also be found below so you can mark your own work once you’re finished.

Writing: Lockdown guide


Today is the last day of writing a new section - choose this from your plan.


Remember, as always, re-read through what you have done. This is essential to check that your writing not only makes sense - but you can also spot where you need to vary the structure of the sentences or add in punctuation.


Tomorrow will be the final day for this writing. By the end of your writing today, it would be good to know that you have your introduction and three or four sections of focus information.

Great at Grammar Challenge

Do not forget the Great at Grammar challenge on Kahoot! At the time of writing, the top player is someone named 'Guess Who I Am', with a score of 19496. If this is you, then well done. If it is not you, then log on and see if you can claim the top spot.


As for what happens next in the story, so far the voting stands at:


Please stop: 1 vote

Leave it on a cliffhanger!: 10 votes

I have to know what happens next: 7 votes


If you want to have your say, take part and vote at the last question - the fate of PP/Nigel is in your hands!


Today we are starting our next RE topic, Pentecost: Serving – witnesses.

What is a witness? In your workbook write a definition for this word and then check your ideas by looking up the word witness in the dictionary. Below is a link an online dictionary for you to use. Make sure you look at the synonyms for witness too.

Sometimes being a witness is challenging. Jack is a witness for his friend who is being bullied.

Watch the video below and then answer the questions that follow.


A short factual drama telling the story of Jack who witnesses his mate being bullied but does nothing about it. Along the way he's visited by 5 celebrities who each recount stories of how they were bullied. But will he take their advice and do the right thing?

Now you have watched the clip, discuss these questions with a family member.


What do you think Jack should do?

What are his choices?

 Is he a good witness? Why / why not?

Do you think he needs courage in this situation? Does it take courage to be a witness?

Why is Jack not speaking up?

 How should we behave if we witness behaviour that we know is wrong?


Think of a time when you have been a witness. What event did you witness? What choices did you have and what choice did you make? Why? Explain how the choice that you made was informed by your values and beliefs.


Challenge: Explain how the decisions you make affects the life of others and what characteristics are needed to be an effective witness.


Time to get the body moving. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It also helps us to feel happy, energised and ready to learn. Pick from one of the options below or if you prefer, choose your own.

On this day in history: April 29th 1967


Aretha Franklin released the single "Respect." It went on to come the Billboard Song of the Year 1967/


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