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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April


Hello again Year One.

We hope you are all back in the swing of your home learning and enjoying the tasks we have set for you. Here is your work for today.

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact us, we are here to help.

We are both contactable through our usual email addresses.


You might like to start your day with the Joe Wicks workout on You Tube.

Another way to warm up before your maths work today- is with this catchy little song and you can join in by counting in 2s!


Today we would like you to recall some of the information you found out yesterday about fire engines and use this to write your own non-fiction (information) page all about fire engines.

You need to include all of the following:




Information box with facts

An interesting fact - maybe written as a question, such as:  Did you know…?



Can you include sub-headings to write about more than one part of the fire engine?

A Non-Fiction page

Look at the document below as it shows you what these key features of a non-fiction text look like.

Key features of an information page


Please continue to work on your spellings for this week. These focus on the sounds: oa- goat in a boat and ew – chew the stew.

They are: goat, soap, oak, stew, flew, drew / ask, friend



Continue with the phonics sheets from yesterday. Pick another of the given sounds to work on today.

Here are some more words to have a go at reading. You can read them on screen if you prefer not to print them off. If you do print the page then you can add the sound buttons to aid your sounding out and play the 'Three in a Row' game.


Please read for at least 10 minutes today.

Have a go at retelling your story- using the pictures to aid the detail you include.


Also, please have a look at the Ruth Miskin phonics video for today.

Here are links to support you with locating eBooks and the phonics videos.


Please continue to refine your letter formation for the following letters: r, n, m, h, b, p

Please refer to the handwriting sheet in your pack for the correct formation.

Remember all of these letters start at the top.

Today, think of some words with these letters in them.

Here are a few examples: ran, man, pan, pen, hen, hop, rob, mop...


In maths today, we will be completing work on sharing and making equal groups.

Please follow the link below to the Summer Term week 1 set of lessons.

Please click on lesson 3- Make Equal Groups (Sharing)


Watch the video first, have a go at the ‘flashback’ page to recap on prior learning- remember to pause the video so they can answer the questions on this first page.

Once your child has watched the video, you could either print out the ‘Get the Activity’ pages with relevant questions linked to the learning in the video for your child to answer. You can also ‘Get the answers' on the webpage.

If you prefer not to print out additional paper, then please ask your child to:

Share 8 objects between 2.

They could write:

8 sweets shared between 2 is …….


Repeat for further examples, such as:

5 children share 10 grapes equally.

Each child gets …… grapes.

10 grapes shared between 5 is …….


* Use 30 counters:

Share the 30 counters equally between 2 friends.

How many counters does each friend get?


Share the 30 counters between 5 friends.

How many counters does each friend get?


Share 30 counters between 10 friends.

How many counters does each friend get?

Talk about your answers

Foundation Subjects

Please refer to the Foundation Subjects grid and select an activity for today.

Here are all the additional documents/links you will need:

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