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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Welcome to your home learning for Wednesday 22nd April 2020!


Here you will find your tasks for the day. If you have any worries or concerns, you know where to find me.

Fact of the day:

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

Joke of the day:

Q:Where do cows go for entertainment? 
The mooooo-vies! 


How will you keep fit today? Joe Wickes or GoNoodle?

Guided Reading:

We are onto Chapter 3 today! Here are some questions to think about. They are just to help your understanding, we don’t need written answers.

1) How did the mother explain the tremble the father felt?

2) How did the mother know there was something wrong?

3) Why was the Iron Man feeling over the grass on either side of the crack?

4) Why did the family not look back after they got into the car?

5) Why did the farmers not call the army?

6) Why was the Iron Man getting rusty?



I am uploading all of the English tasks for the week in the attached document so you can see the joruney for the week. Today, we are thining about exciting vocabulary. If you are not sure what a word means, please look it up. Don’t forget how to use a dictionary efficiently!

How To Use The Dictionary


Today, your spellings are:

  • Favourite
  • February
  • Forward
  • Fruit
  • Grammar
  • group

Please can your practise these spellings by creating a mnemonic. That is where you create a rhyme using words starting with each letter in your spelling. E.g.:

  • Never eat crisps, eat salad sandwiches and remain young (‘necessary’)
  • Fred ran into evil Nancy’s dog (‘friend’) 
  • Rhythm helps your two hips move (‘rhythm’) 


Today we are using our knowledge of rounding to round decimals to the nearest whole number. This means a number without a decimal or fraction. Reemember our rounding mountain and look at the tenths number to help you decide whether it should be rounded down or up.

Rounding Decimals Rap


In science, we will be looking at electiricity. Please play the interative game here to explore ekectrical dangers in the home.


Once you have completed it, have a go at making your own poster, to teach younger children how to be safe around electricity.

Independent reading:

Please make sure you are reading for 25 minutes. If you can, write down what you think about it in your reading log.

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