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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good Morning Year 5, 

I hope you have a great day today. 

the 29th May 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the Hubble Space telescope first sending back images of what is beyond our planet. Over the past 30 years it has given us an incredible amount of knowledge about planets, stars and moons. 

Here is the first image it gave us: 


As the years have gone on it has become an incredibly powerful telescope. 

Below is a video about how it works as well as a few of the amazing images it has captured. 


How Hubble Works | Spaced Out

Picture 1 Crab Nebula
Picture 2 Helix Nebula
Picture 3 Jupiter
Picture 4 R136 Stellar Grouping
Picture 5 Star Cluster


Today is Chapter 9 of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It is called I Offered a Quest! Don't forget, to help you listen you could always doodle as you listen... I hope you enjoy! This chapter has a lot of information- especially linked to Percy's strange dreams and why everyone is so interested in Percy. 

Chapter 9 I am Offered a Quest Part 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Chapter 9- I am Offered a Quest Part 2.mp4

Still image for this video




Today we are looking at and revising converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers, we did this in the Spring term so this is something you should be familiar with!

Listen and watch the video, then have a try at the activities below. 


Year 5 - Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa


Today we are going to think about the Olympics and how the Ancient Greek version of the games has had an influence on the games of today. Sadly the games have been postponed until next year, but hopefully you can enjoy some of the information below. 

Have a read through this information!


Below is a worksheet: which looks at comparing the modern Olympics with the ancient Greek Olympics
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