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Wednesday 1st July


You might like to start your day with the Joe Wicks workout on You Tube.

If you prefer, you could try something more relaxing. In class we will be starting with the following yoga session:

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

GET THOSE WRIGGLES OUT with a mix of our Yoga Disco tracks. Yoga-based movement set to upbeat music. Can you do the full 12 minutes?


Today, your task is to write about the crown you made yesterday.


Looking at your crown- think of and write adjectives to describe what you see.

If it helps, you can draw your crown and write labels to describe the jewels and other materials used.

Or, you can simply write a list, for example:

precious pearls, blood red rubies, glittering diamonds...


Below is a list of precious stones/jewels to help you.


Challenge: can you use a simile?  For example:

crystals as shiny as icicles...


You now need to use your imagination to come up with more information about your crown.

There are some questions below for you to think about and answer.

Write your answers to these questions as a piece of factual writing about your crown.

Imagine you are writing up the information to be displayed alongside your crown jewels wherever they are kept. This could be the Tower of London or somewhere else of your own choice.

You can write this straight into your workbook.

Remember to check for capital letters and full stops.

Maybe you can even use an exclamation mark! 

Why is the crown important?

What is it made from?

What does it look like?

How much are the crown jewels worth?

Who owns them?

Where are they kept?

How old is the crown?



Here are the prompt questions and sentence starters for you to print if you think they would be helpful.


Continue to work on the

correct letter formation of all the letters in your name.

Start with your first name and then move on to your surname. Once you have mastered those, by the end of the week you could be working on any middle names, too!


If your child is starting these letters in the correct position please start teaching them the pre-cursive letter formation, which is shown on the power point below. Basically the letters start on the line and lead up to the usual starting point. Have a go in your handwriting book.

Then try these key words:

says     are     were


Focus: adding the suffix –ed

If a word ends in two consonants, just add -ed


If a word ends in a short vowel sound (a e i o u) and a consonant,

                 we double the consonant before adding -ed.

Continue to work on learning your spellings for this week:

paint - painted

hunt - hunted

jump - jumped

buzz - buzzed

step - stepped

hug - hugged


Please try to read for at least 10 minutes at some point today- on the Year One page at the start of this week, you will find the links to the usual websites.


Here is the video for today.  We are learning about Recognising Notes.


 The main worksheets linked to the lesson are below.

Your child could copy the questions into their home learning book if you prefer not to print.


There are also some linked sheets to select from if you feel your child would benefit either from some consolidation or extension of their learning. You do not have to do these, they are optional. 

Year 1 - Week 10 - Lesson 3 - Recognising notes

This is "Year 1 - Week 10 - Lesson 3 - Recognising notes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The following sheets are here if you feel your child would benefit from some consolidation or extension work on this topic. They are optional.

Read Write Inc – Phonics lesson of the day


You might also like to watch the new, daily Ruth Miskin phonics lesson- they focus on a different sound each day.




 Today we are going to focus on the ‘o-e ‘ sound.

Here is a phonics game to play, if you would like to.



At this time of year, we usually have our annual sporting event. This year is going to be a bit different. If you would like the opportunity to participate in Spots Day at home- please click the link below and it will take you to the Lockdown Sports Day page with lots of ideas on how you can take part.

If you have participated in Sports Day this afternoon, you do not need to complete the activities outlined below. Of course, if you would like to, usual afternoon activities are here for you to have a go at.

Afternoon session

This afternoon we would like you to think about how your crown jewels are protected:

Where are they kept safe?

Who protects them for you?

Try to be as inventive as you can be, you could use everyday locking devices like keys and padlocks but you might want to include other ideas like trapdoors or sensor beams...

Maybe particular animals or creatures might provide a level of protection that a Beefeater cannot! 


There is an example below to give you a few ideas.

Draw and label a picture of how your jewels are kept safe and then write some sentences explaining your ideas in more detail.

You can complete this straight into your workbook.

End of the day - Peace out session

Go on an adventure in your mind- meditate and relax as you listen and let your imagination go…

Have a nice, calm end to your day of learning.

Sleeping Dragon | Guided Meditation for Kids | Peace Out ✌️🐉😴🔥

A story about Dina - a young fiery female dragon! 🔥

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