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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and enjoying learning at home.  Thank you for your continued support with all the tasks we are setting. 

Here are a few additional notes to hopefully help the work for today make sense.


Wednesday 1st April


The literacy task for today is linked to the creative, collaborative project of planning, designing and making your own family fairy garden. See the file below. 

There are pictures included in the document.

Hopefully you have already gathered a few resources together that you can use.

These are the main steps we would like you to undertake:

*Together with a sibling/whole family- discuss your ideas for what could be in a fairy garden.

*Draw and label your shared ideas. Agree what you will include.

*List the resources needed.

*Gather the resources.

*Make your fairy garden together as a collaborative project.

*As you work- talk about how you are co-operating with each other.

What skills are you using to work well together?

What happens if you disagree on including something?

How can you overcome a difference in opinion?

*Discuss: What has worked well?

What would you change?

How could you improve it further if you were to make it again?

*If you are able, it would be lovely to see a photo of your creations.


The main written focus of this task is to write sentences explaining how you worked well as a team.

Here are a few suggestions for the focus of your sentences but following the making of your fairy garden some key issues may well have arisen that you would like to share and you do not have to answer all of the questions below:

*What advice would you give to another group of children or a family who were going to make a fairy garden?


How did you show good cooperation skills? 

What other skills did you need to use to work effectively together?

How did you overcome any problems you may have encountered during the making of your fairy garden?




For maths today, there are two questions (and answers -in the top box of the page) attached below.

Please can your child draw/write their answers to these in their home learning books? 

Discuss the questions together and you are welcome to write down what they say, if more appropriate.

Maths - Wednesday 1st April Capacity questions

There is also a power point quiz called Capacity potions for your child to have a go at. You need to open the power point and press f5 on your keyboard in order to make the presentation full screen- you then need to click through it to reveal the text boxes and be able to answer the questions. Press the escape button to leave the quiz.

Below, is a further power point with some additional questions for you to talk through with your child. It begins with a few questions on mass and then moves onto capacity. It is called Year 1- Mass and Capacity PPT. Again, click the f5 button on your keyboard in order to reveal the answers as you click through the questions.

Ongoing Maths Skills

  • Please spend 5 minutes at some point today recapping on pairs of numbers that add together to make 10  (or 20, if confident with bonds to 10)
  • Count in steps of 2’s and 5’s- you can look at the 100 square to help you, if you would like to (there is a copy in your blue folder) and see if you can count the pattern all the way to 100!   

Physical Education

You could start your day with an old favourite warm up song ‘Wake up, Shake up’ I am sure your child can show you the moves and you can join in too:

Wake Up!

Or you could continue to follow the daily Joe Wicks fitness session at 9am on YouTube.

If you haven’t yet looked at the Cosmic Kids Yoga website, take a peek and see if there is a session that your child might like to try out (check the length before you start- some are longer than others!)



Continue with your usual weekly spelling routine- the spellings today are still: brown, down, clown, train, wait, snail, come, some.


Today- please work on the ‘ai’ sound (snail in the rain) and refer to the phonic sheet sent out for this week.

Remember, to consolidate this sound, you or your child could make a pairs/matching game by writing the ‘ai’ words onto squares of card and match the pairs. If you have time on your hands, you might like to make a bingo game together! But you do not have to!!

Here are a couple of short videos to watch about the ‘ai’ sound:

Phonics: The 'ai' sound

Geraldine the Giraffe learns 'ai'

Please do check out the link below, it will take you to a section of the school website that Mr English has created.

It contains some useful resources that were going to be shared at his Reading Meetings but they sadly did not take place due to the school closure.

You will find some useful guides to support the teaching of reading at home and there are even links to demonstrate how to pronounce each of the sounds we are teaching.


At the bottom of the page there is a link to the Oxford Owl website and you can access some free online books from their library.



This week we will be looking at the ‘ladder letters’- l, i, t, u, j, y

Today, focus on the letters: j, y  -and any other specific letters your child needs to work on.

Write them in your red handwriting book- showing the clear difference in height between these two letters. Write them at least 5 times each and then try to complete patterns with the letters.


Spend your usual 10 minutes reading your school reading book.

Can you retell the story? You can use the pictures to help you.

Please record this in your reading journal.

Remember to share other stories/non-fiction books throughout the day.

Other Curriculum Areas

Please continue to select an activity from the Year 1 Foundation Subject Grid.  You will find this saved on the pages for the last two days. 

Thank you and let me know how you are finding the work


Good luck with your tasks today- I hope you enjoy your learning and I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing some pictures of what you have been working on. Thank you for emailing all the wonderful work so far. It is so lovely to see how the children are getting on. 


Thank you so much for all your help in supporting your child with these tasks at home.


It would be really helpful to know how you are finding the work we are setting, so we can adjust what we are sending home accordingly.  Thank you for the feedback we have had so far.

Take care and please do get in touch by contacting me by email at the usual address.


Miss Best

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