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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Happy Wednesday to you all! We hope that you are ready for your day of learning.

Writing: luxury holiday

Hopefully, you have remembered that yesterday you were off on a luxury holiday to a far away island. You are very looking forward to a break like you have before. Here are some of your holiday snaps from previous visits:

Remember, you have packed your ten numbered items and they are safely tucked away in your suitcase. All you have to do now is enjoy the flight, maybe have a snack or even a nap. See you on the island!

Unfortunately, and there is no easy way to say this really, but... your plane crashed. Now, before you worry, most people (we think) survived. We will get to that later. However, your luggage is not all intact - in fact, one item has mysteriously vanished - cross the third item off your luggage list.

The plane has crashed near a beach, in a clump of trees. The island looks small and also as if it has not been occupied for some time. You make out some small, wooden huts further down the beach - but they are weather beaten and falling apart. Small animal bones stick out here and there from the sand and a handful of fishing rods are scattered along the beach.


This is not the luxurious trip you had planned for.

So, here you are, crashed on an island. You have two choices really:

1) Sit down and sulk.

2) Write an action plan of what you are going to do for the first couple of days. Someone has to take charge of this. What do you need to do to survive? Write down the most essential things first.

That is your writing task today - an action plan. You could use the template below. Do not forget, you have your luggage - apart from item three!


Today we will be focusing on Substitution. Watch the video below carefully as this will help you with your work by working through some examples to get you started.


Please complete the activity below. Have a go at as many questions as you can. It is okay to leave a question if you are struggling. Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.


A document containing the answers can also be found below so you can mark your own work once you’re finished. You can also use the answer sheet to work through any questions you struggled to answer.

Debate: statues

We are planning to hold a debate today on Zoom. This will ask the question: what should happen to statues with a racist past?


You may have heard of the Edward Colston statue from recent events, or seen the following images in the news.

If you wish to join the debate and wish to carry out some background research, please have a look at the following links.

Who was slave trader Edward Colston and why was his statue pulled down?

RE: Reconciliation 

Today we are going to be learning about the Sacrament of the sick or the Anointing of the Sick. But first let’s just check we are ready to find out more...What is a sacrament?


A sacrament is a religious ceremony or ritual regarded as imparting divine grace. Some examples of sacraments are: baptism, the Eucharist and the anointing of the sick.


We will be focusing on the Sacrament of the Sick today. What do you already know about this Sacrament? Have you heard of it before? Watch the video below to find out more.

Catholic Sacraments: Anointing of the Sick

More detail of the sacrament can be found by reading God’s Story 3 – The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick found below.

Have a go at discussing these questions with a family member if you can or just think through each question yourself.

  1. In what way does the Anointing of the Sick heal a person?
  2. What is important about a person being anointed at a gathering of the parish family?
  3. How do you think the priest feels as he administers this Sacrament?
  4. Why do you think the hands and forehead of the person are anointed?
  5. What words of comfort and hope did you notice in the prayers?


Task: Compose your own prayer to provide comfort and support to those who are sick.

This day in history: 1973

Dolly Parton records her song 'I Will Always Love You'. It is perhaps most famous for the shouty version by Whitney Houston.

Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You - 1974

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

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