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Wednesday 13th May learning tasks

Welcome to Wednesday 13th May, here is today's learning. 

Don't forget to check in on the Caterpillars - day 21!


Personal Social and Emotional development - Relationships

Today can you add your third picture to your 'That's not fair' collection.  


Notes from Monday:  - this week we are going to think about all the things in our lives that are sometimes unfair on us! Not getting the last biscuit. Having to wait for story time, needing to talk to mummy or daddy first, having to share a toy, wanting to go left but everyone else wants to go right! Having to walk when your feet hurt, wanting to stay up late, not getting to eat sweets every day, not being able to watch your favourite TV programme, the list goes on, I’m sure you could add some in!

Each day I would like you to draw a picture of something that is not fair.  (You could fit all 5 on one page.) Or you could write the sentence to go with your idea – or your grown up could write it for you.  I look forward to seeing them at the end of the week – you may be relating your work to personal experience or someone who you may have heard about – if you are really struggling think back (or listen back) to the stories from the last 2 weeks about Nina and Tom.

Physical Development - Gross Motor control


Let's hope it is a dry day and you get out in the sunshine to fit in today's fitness - or you could have a dance around indoors!

Can you do your moves in sets of 20?

20 star jumps

20 hops on the spot

20 bunny hops

20 seconds of running on the spot

20 catches of a cushion


Communication Language and Literacy


Have another look at the seed to sunflower book today – The bit you need is on page 6 and 7 – The story of a sunflower (can your child spot this?)

I have attached two sunflower cycle activities- use them as an idea and then create your own –I’m sure your ones will be much better than a print out. You could make a cycle on a paper plate!  The photopack is just for reference. The skill is to show that they have understood the life cycle of the sunflower (think back to the caterpillars from 2 weeks ago)



Here is a short story with ‘oi’ words to spot today. Read it through with your grown up.

Can you spot any more ‘oi’ words in your books today.


Can you update your caterpillar diary today – Day 21

Maths - Numbers to 20

Another song today – counting potatoes!

One Potato, Two Potatoes | Super Simple Songs

Watch videos from Super Simple in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four. Five potatoes, six ...

How many potatoes are there in your house?

Get counting to 20 today – make sure you count at least 5 different times. How many different places can you spot numbers up to 20 in your house? Are there numbers on the oven, clocks, microwave, washing machine, watches, telephones, packets of food? What number is on a bag of crisps? How many different numbers are on a loaf of bread? How many numbers are in your house? Can you write them down.

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