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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning Year One.

We hope that home learning ran smoothly yesterday and you enjoyed completing your tasks.

Here are the main tasks for this morning. Have a look at the 'Give your parents a break' sheet for some activity ideas for the afternoon. We hope you have fun with these.



You might like to start your day with the Joe Wicks workout on You Tube.

If you prefer, you could try something different, such as this yoga kids session.

To remind us about capital letters, here is the alphabetical ordering song by Super movers.

All Super Yoga Compilation | Cosmic Kids Yoga



Today you are going to read some sentences that Samuel Pepys could have written in his diary but there are some words missing!  You need to work out what the missing words could be and fill in the gaps. You can then copy the sentences into your home learning book and add some pictures.  You can complete this straight into your books if you prefer not to print the sheet.


There are three sheets to select from. Select the one that is best for your child.  The first has picture prompts and you may need to read the words in the sentence with your child initially. The second does not have picture clues next to the possible missing words. Finally the third page does not give options for the missing words- your child has to think of their own. There are also spaces for a few adjectives and an extra sentence at the end.


Select the one that you think is most appropriate for your child and they will be able to complete with a good level of independence.  There is also a possible 'answers' sheet at the end. 

They do not need to complete all three pages!



Continue to learn your spellings:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Remember – they all end in day and begin with a capital letter because these are the names of the days of the week.

Days of the Week Spelling with a Cute Dancing Kitten

Learn to say and spell the days of the week with a fluffy, jumping, dancing cat!



As part of our revision week on our phonics here are some sheets that you might like to have a go at.

You need to read the words, decide if they are real or nonsense 'alien' words and colour them according to the key at the top of the sheet. You should reveal a hidden animal if you read the words and used the key correctly.

There are three different pages, you might like to do one today, tomorrow and Friday.  There are also answer sheets.


If you prefer not to print. Your child could read the words on the screen.

Here is a phonics game to play.

Sort the real words into the treasure chest and the alien words into the bin!

Start with phase three sounds and then move on to the others.

Read Write Inc – Phonics lesson of the day


You might like to watch the new, daily Ruth Miskin phonics lesson- they focus on a different sound each day.




We will continue to revise the letter formation of the ‘one armed robot’ letters: r n m h b k p

If your child is starting these letters in the correct position (the top of the letter, going down, retracing up the line and curving over) then they can begin to start working on the pre-cursive letter formation and start their letters on the line.

In this power point you can select the letter you would like to learn, watch how to form it and then have a go in your handwriting books.

Today you might like to focus on: K

You could also have a go at some short words (using o/a from last week) for example:

ran, man, map, mop, ham, bar, room, hook, moon, room



Please try to read for at least 10 minutes at some point today. Here are the websites with more online books to select from: 



If you follow the link below, you will find the usual video lesson on the White Rose Maths website.

Go to the week 4 set of lessons and watch lesson 3- Add and subtract worded problems

More linked learning can be found at BBC Bitesize. 

Here are three worksheets that focus on the + and - symbols. You do not have to do these but you might like to. Select one of the three sheets that you feel best suits your child. They should be able to complete this with a degree of independence using objects, fingers or a number line, as appropriate.

There is a fourth challenge page with word problems like those shown in the video. Some children might like to tackle these problems, if they showed a good understanding during the video but they do not have to.


Your child could copy the questions into their home learning book if you prefer not to print.

These are White Rose worksheets that follow up the video. As we are trying to give parents a break this week, you might decide not to use these. However, they are here in case you would like to have a go at them.
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