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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Welcome to Wednesday's home learning page Year 6. All of your tasks for the day can be found below.

Writing Task: Explanation Text

Today we are going to write the final sections of our explanations. The next section is about Plasma. In this section, as in the others before, you need to explain what plasma is and what its role is.

Here is an example to get you started:


Plasma is the largest part of your blood. It makes up more than half (about 55%) of its overall content. Plasma is a light yellow liquid that carries: water, salts and enzymes. It is the liquid that the other blood cells float around in. its function is to take nutrients, hormones and proteins to parts of the body that require it. Fascinating!


To complete your explanation text, you need to write a closing sentence to link back to your opening. Something like:


Now you know all about the essential functions of blood and why it is vital for our survival.


Today we will be looking at ordering FDP (fractions, decimals and percentages). Watch the video below carefully as this will help you with your work by working through some examples to get you started.

Order FDP

Please complete the activity below. Have a go at as many questions as you can. It is okay to leave a question if you are struggling. Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.


A document containing the answers can also be found below so you can mark your own work once you’re finished. You can also use the answer sheet to work through any questions you struggled to answer.

RE: Reconciliation - Inter-relating - Healing

Today we start our new RE topic – Reconciliation. What do you think this means? If you are unsure, it is always best to get a definition of the word.


Reconciliation is the act of becoming friendly again (as after a disagreement).


Today we are going to be thinking about when people become sick and need care. At this current time many people are in need of care and Key Workers, especially those working in the NHS are working hard to provide care to people who are suffering during the current pandemic. This is such an important job and not everyone would be up to it.

I bet lots of you have been showing your appreciation for the hard work that our NHS workers are doing at the moment by joining in the Clap for Carers at 8pm on Thursday evenings.

Coronavirus: people across the UK play music and clap for carers

Task: Write a job description for an NHS worker.  What qualities do you think are needed to look after someone who is sick?  What beliefs and values would be important?  What could they offer, etc?  You can present this work however you like – be creative.

This day in history: 1972

Elvis Presley records his live album  'As Recorded at Madison Square Garden' at the Madison Square Garden arena in New York City. A lot of flared jump suits were involved.

Elvis Presley 1972 - Can't Help Falling in Love

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