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Tuesday 9th June

Tuesday 9th June

Fact of the day:

On this day in 1934, Donald Duck first appeared in a cartoon. That means today is Donald Duck's birthday!



Start your day off with some exercise. Choose either to follow the Joe Wicks live workout or a yoga routine from the Cosmic Kids Yoga link!



Reading for at least 20 minutes today, independently or to an adult. Don't forget, you can still quiz on books at home!


Today we are thinking about 2D shapes. Remind yourself of shapes and their names using the shape mat below:

Now go through this shape powerpoint:

Let's have a think about curved sides:

A circle has a curved side.

A semi-circle has one straight edge and one curved side. 

It is important to point out curved sides and describe them like this. 


Have a go at this worksheet:



We looked last week about the reasons for calling 999. 


If you call 999 and you are at home, you will be asked to give your address. This is so that the person on the phone can tell the police or ambulance or fire service where they need to go. 


However, this would be very tricky if you don't know your address! So, today, your job is to simply, learn your address. You might have 2 addresses to learn, it might be helpful to learn the address of a grandparent. 


How will you learn it?

You could write it down a few times, over and over. 

You could say it out loud, over and over. 

You could get your parents to randomly ask you for the rest of the afternoon "what's our address?"

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