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Tuesday 9th June 2020


Today is an opportunity for you to make some more progress with your reading targets!

Don't forget to check your accelerated reader target and quiz to get your points. 

We need to beat year 6!


Zoom meeting- don't forget there is a Zoom call today for all of year 5, your parents have been sent the login details!


No English set for today as we are having our Zoom chat!



One of my favourite topics in maths today- fractions of amounts!


It is important, that we understand this one, not just for in school but because it is a vital maths skill for when using money too. 


Have a go, and good luck!

Year 5 - Fractions of an amount


Today we are thinking what life would have been like for people living in Shakespeare's times. 

Have a look through the slides below to find out more about what it would have been like.

Below are is a document with some different activities attached, you can either copy it out or write it out. 


Try organising the different statements about daily life- you can try the other tasks if you wish to!

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