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Tuesday 9th June


You might like to start your day with the Joe Wicks workout on You Tube.

If you prefer, you could try something more relaxing. In class we will be starting our day with the yoga workout below:


Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

GET THOSE WRIGGLES OUT with a mix of our Yoga Disco tracks. Yoga-based movement set to upbeat music. Can you do the full 12 minutes?



Today, your task is to edit some sentences about London in the past compared to London now.

There are three different sheets to select from. All involve checking and changing any missing capital letters at the start of the sentence and full stops at the end.

The next sheet also includes some capital letters in the wrong places.

The final sheet has some rather oddly spelt key words- can you spot them and correct them?


Once you have made the changes, copy some of the sentences into your workbook. 

As an extra challenge can you sort them into 'Then' and 'Now'. 


You only need to complete ONE sheet. Not all three!

If you prefer not to print, you can copy the sentences straight into your book, correcting  them as you go. 


This week we will be revising the letter formation of the ‘curly caterpillars’: c o a  q g d  e s f


If your child is starting these letters in the correct position (the top of the letter) then they can begin to start working on the pre-cursive letter formation and start their letters on the line. Please refer to the powerpoint presentation on the previous page to check the correct formation.

Have a go in your handwriting books. Today you might like to focus on: q g d


Your spellings this week focus on the spelling rule for adding -y to a word ending in 'e'.


We can add –y to some root words ending in ‘e’.

We drop the ‘e’ before adding -y.

 Your spellings this week are: 

shine - shiny, wave- wavy, bone - bony, smoke - smoky, craze - crazy, cheese - cheesy


This week we are going to revise more sounds from the year and we will focus on the sounds:

oo ar or air ir

 Today we will be concentrating on 'ar'

 You can find the ar sound on phase 5 of the Phonics Play- Buried Treasure game. The link to this game is on the previous page, to access all week.

Here are a choice of activities involving the 'ar' sound. Pick one that is most appropriate for your child.


Here is the maths video for today. Also below are the relevant worksheets.

Your child could copy the questions into their home learning book if you prefer not to print.


Year 1 - Week 7 - Lesson 2 - Count in 5s

This is "Year 1 - Week 7 - Lesson 2 - Count in 5s" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo

Main Lesson worksheets

Additional lesson worksheets to either reinforce or extend counting in 5s.

Your child does not have to do these but they are here if you feel you need them.

Afternoon session- Geography 

London Landmarks- using mapping skills


This afternoon your task is to look at a map of London and have a go at using a key to locate  some well known landmarks.

Take a look at the map below.

Can you locate:

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Tower Bridge

St Paul's Cathedral



Picture 1
This document is a copy of the map above, it is here if you would like to print it off.

Your recording task is to use the key and map above to position the given landmarks on a copy of the map.

There are three different levels explained on the sheets of the document below.

Here is a map to record the landmarks on.

If you prefer not to print - you can draw your own map and label the suggested landmarks.


End of the day - Peace out session

Go on an adventure in your mind- meditate and relax as you listen and let your imagination go…

Have a nice, calm end to your day of learning.


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