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Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good Morning Year Five!

I hope today finds you safe and well. 

The 5th May marks the African World Heritage Day.

African World Heritage Day was proclaimed in 2015. During the 38th session of the UNESCO General Conference, its aim is to promote and celebrate the fantastic heritage and culture that the Continent of Africa possesses through its communities and people.

Africa has numerous threats that other continents around the world do not have, from Climate Change, Civil unrest and instability to poaching, many wonders in Africa are at risk of disappearing. This day is used to highlight how important Africa is and that its value needs to be protected at all costs.


African World Heritage Day


Below is a link to a website with plenty of information about the amazing countries that the continent of Africa has. 




This morning we are going to try out some Pokemon Yoga!



Miss S group are looking at -ant and -ance. Try out Egg Hunt:

Mrs T group: dis- prefix try the Word Search:


Today I would like you to think back to Chapter Four that we read last week. 

You are going to put yourself into Percy's shoes. You need to write a letter to Gabe explaining what has happened since they left New York City. Think back to all the things that have happened, you need to try to convince Smelly Gabe that nothing that has happened so far in the book is your fault. Remember to also explain what has happened to Percy's mum and Gabe's beloved car. 




Today we are beginning a weekly writing project about whether we would rather be an Athenian or a Spartan. 

This follows the work we did on the topic, yesterday afternoon, so if you didn't get round to it yesterday you might want to have a look. 


You need to decide if you want to be an Athenian or a Spartan. And you will be writing a short speech about why you want to be that and to convince others you have made the best choices. 


Below is a planner, so you can write down some of your ideas about why the Athenian or Sparta way of life is the best option. Tomorrow we will begin writing this.  




1) Find the common factors of 20 and 36

2) 491 + _____ = 833

3) 819 ÷ 5 (give answer in remainders)


Today we are going to learn how to find the size of missing angles with just the information we have. 

Our focus will today be on finding missing angles in a straight line. 

A straight line angle is worth 180 degrees:



Read through this information: 

See if you can work out the angles using the protractors in this game. Try to work it out, and then check to see if you were correct.

If you finish your work quickly today, you could use this game to find the first angle, and then you work out the other, remembering that the total must be 180 degrees.


When we have missing angles on a straight line like this:


We know that the whole line is 180 degrees, so to find a we need to take the 45 degrees we do know from the 180 degrees. 


180 - 45 =  135

So angle a is 135 degrees. 



Occasionally we may have many angles known: 


In this instance to find angle b, we would need to add all the angles that we do know:

45 + 39 + 24 = 108

We then need to subtract that amount from 180 to find the missing angle b

180 - 108 = 72 degrees

b = 72 degrees


Now it is time for you to try finding out what the missing angles are worth. 

Remember they are not to scale, so even if you do have a protractor it may not mean you get it right if you use it!




Last week we thought about the story of Saul of Tarsus. Saul reformed and came to be known as Paul the Apostle, he would eventually go on to spread the Gospel news around the world. 

This is the map that shows how far Paul spread the news of Jesus:


Once he was in Rome, Paul faced persecution himself. He wrote many letters and this is one of them:


Take a look at the information below that informs you of what the Fruits of the Holy Spirit are: 

I would like you on the sheet below, to write down how you can over the next few weeks show each of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. 


Put it up somewhere to remind you of all those important things we can do to help one another and look after each other. 

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