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Tuesday 5th May 2020



You might like to start your day with the daily Joe Wicks workout or try a yoga session or supermovers song.

Mike The Cosmic Space Monkey | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Writing/ History focus


Today you are going to find out about what happened during ‘The Great Fire of London.’  Below are two power points with some key information.

One gives key facts and the other gives more detail with dates and time.

There is also a short video to watch with some key information given in another form.

The Great Fire of London Animated History


After reading through the information, your task for today is to draw some pictures of some of the key events, in the order that they happened.

There are some picture cards on the sheets below to help you.

You might like to leave some space on your page, next to the pictures, to write the information. Tomorrow your task is going to be writing about the events of ‘The Great Fire of London’ in sequence.

Here is a quiz that you might like to have a go at to test your knowledge on ‘The Great Fire of London’- the questions are true or false. Good luck!

Here are some Top Trump cards with people from 'The Great Fire of London'- you might like to have a go at playing the game, but you do not have to!



Please continue to work on your spellings for the week- half of your spellings focus on ure- Sure it's pure?

The other half end in x- and need to have es added rather than just s.

Your spellings are: cure, pure, manure, secure, foxes, mixes, boxes, taxes




The phonic focus this week is also: ure- sure it's pure?

We will also continue to reinforce: ire- Fire, fire! and ear – Hear with your ear.

There is a further worksheet to complete if you would like to. Maybe you could use 3 different colours to highlight each of the 3 sounds?

If you prefer not to print of the sheet, perhaps you could read the words together on screen.

Here is the link to the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc video for the day, if you would like to look at it.



We are going to continue with accurate letter formation of letters in the 'curly caterpillar' group.

Today we will focus on: e, g, o

Please check your child is starting these letters in the correct position before starting to work on the pre-cursive style shown in the videos below.

Please note: we do not loop the tails on 'g' at school. Please just start the letter on the line and stop the letter at the end of the tail, before going into the loop.

Also, at this stage we would not normally show the flick at the end of the 'o' - just focus on the lead-in.


Have a go at a few of these letters in your handwriting books. Once your child is confident with the standard formation they have been learning, then they can start working on the lead-ins, in order to get ready for joining. We will not be actually joining the letters yet. Please discourage your child from leaping ahead and joining too soon! Many children are often very keen to start joining but this is an important step to work on first.

Select the focus letter and watch how it is formed in this power point

Learn to Write the Letter E | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter O | Pre-cursive Letter Formation

Learn to Write the Letter G | Pre-cursive Letter Formation



Please read for at least 10 minutes today.

Here are the online links to a range of ebooks.





Today we will be learning about Fact Families- linking addition and subtraction (1).

Click below on the link to the White Rose Maths website and locate the week 3 set of lessons and watch the video for lesson 2.


The video will explain the learning for today and then you can print the linked worksheet, if you would like to. There are answers available, if you would like to refer to them. There are also materials on the BBC bitesize website that consolidates learning.

If you prefer not to print the work sheet then you could copy the following into your home school learning workbook:


Draw a part-whole model and fact family for the number 8 then try 18.

For example:

 ….. + …… = 8

….. + …… = 8

8 - …… = ……..

8 - …… = ……..


….. + …… = 18

….. + …… = 18

18 - …… = ……..

18 - …… = ……..


*Draw a bar model using the following numbers:

18 on the top bar.

11 and 7 on the bottom bar.


If more appropriate, you might want to complete a bar model for 8.

8 on the top bar.

1 and 7 on the bottom bar.

Record the fact family for each bar model:

……… + ……… = ………

……… + ……… = ………

……… = ……… -  ………

……… = ……… -  ………

Draw your own bar models and write the fact families to match.


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