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Tuesday 5th May

Tuesday 5th May

Welcome to today’s learning.

I have set an arty task for you today based on our story about Nina from yesterday. I hope you liked Mr Gumpy from yesterday – have another listen for your maths task today. There is a creative handwriting task today in the Physical development. Have another listen to The Tiny Seed – Lots of nice story times today. Don’t forget to check in on the caterpillars.

Personal Social and Emotional Development


From our story this week about Nina – we found out about things being fair or not fair. 

Some art work this week – Can you create a poster – Can your poster show how to make people feel better.

You could draw a picture of you with a friend / a grown up looking after you /you looking after a friend or a younger sibling or cousin / showing signs of nature that make us feel better – flowers, sunshine, rainbows… be creative. Think about what made Nina happy in the story.

(Do the children spot that she was brave – she had courage and she was able to speak up for herself.

Physical Development

Gross Motor: 

To do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.

Physical Development - Fine Motor

Have another go at the handwriting practice today.  Try this one today – it is tricky but you can also make some great designs from it – It could be the boarder to a picture /  the steam from a train / a funny hair style!

Have go at the eeeee pattern

Have  go at the eeeee pattern 1

Communication Language and Literacy

Have another listen to The Tiny Seed –



Can you remember some of it today - can you say what is going to happen next?




The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle



Some more Alphablocks for you today to help you through the ‘ea’ sound. It looks at the set 2 sound ‘ee’ and then moves onto the ‘ea’ sound – this will help to confirm for the children that they are the same sounds but different letter patterns.

Alphablocks : Sleep - Series 4 - Episode 06

Educational fun. At the end of a very busy day, E just wants to sing himself to sleep - but Little Bo Peep and friends have other plans. This episode introdu...



Please check on my notes from Monday's writing if you have not seen them you!

The next part of your caterpillar diary.




Can you add day 13 to your caterpillar diary? What has happened today?

Maths - Number


Mr Gumpy’s Outing - Have another listen to the story - If you wish!

Have a go at the adding questions today – use your little figures/ cubes etc… to help you- Have a go at numbers to 10 or the ones to 20 if you fancy the challenge – Or both if you like!

Option 1: Please don’t worry about printing them out – you can do them off the screen.

Option 2: you could read them out as questions to the children.

 Option 3: they could do them off the screen and tell you the answers if you need to get on with something.

Option 4: If you wanted to print them out – I have saved them as black and white to save your ink and the children could then colour them in if they want to. 

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