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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hope you are all well and home learning is running smoothly. Thank you for your messages and updates. It is always lovely to hear how everyone is getting on.


Here are the notes to accompany your home learning today.


Today you are going to write your own acrostic poems based on the ideas you thought of yesterday.  Here is a short video for you to watch with a few tips on writing your own acrostics.

Acrostic poems

Introduction to Acrostic poems and to writing an Acrostic Name Poem

Using the words you came up with yesterday, as possibilities for the start of the lines, think of and write the actual lines for your own acrostic poem. Try to include some descriptions that might include how fairies move, what they do and where they live, as well as what they look like.


You will need to think of a title for your poem and write this in your home learning book. You will then need to write the word down the side of the page, for example: fairies, fairy, pixies, trolls or elves.


The information sheet below gives you a few prompts.

I look forward to seeing your beautifully illustrated acrostics, if you would like to share them- I always love to see your work.


For maths today, there is a capacity question to answer.  Your child will need to think about what the question is asking and draw some pictures to show their thinking.  Once they have completed the first few questions, they should be able to notice a pattern and explain what is happening. The question is below:

You are welcome to write down what they say, when explaining what they notice.


There are also additional capacity challenges, with key questions below. Please have a go at the first page, the questions get increasingly complex so only tackle the others if your child would like to and if appropriate. You don’t have to do them all.

Physical Education

As always, a good way to start the day is with the Joe Wicks fitness session at 9am on YouTube. Or, if your child would prefer, have a look at the Cosmic Kids Yoga website and pick one that appeals to them.

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!


Continue with your usual spelling routine. The spellings for this week are: brown, down, clown, train, wait, snail, come, some.




Today- please work on the ‘ou’ sound (shout it out) and refer to the phonic sheet sent out yesterday.

Remember, in order to consolidate this sound, you or your child could make a pairs/matching game by writing the ‘ou’ words onto squares of card and match the pairs.

ou - Phonics

Have a go at sounding out the words on this video:


This week we will be looking at the ‘ladder letters’- l, i, t, u, j, y


Today, focus on the letters: t, u  -and any other specific letters your child needs to work on.


Write them in your red handwriting book- showing the clear difference in height between these two letters. Write them at least 5 times each and then try to complete patterns with the letters.  You could have a go at some words with the letters from today and yesterday- lit, tilt, till, lull, until…


*I know some of you have been working on writing your whole names accurately- including your surname- well done if you have!


Spend your usual 10 minutes reading your school reading book.

Can you retell the story? You can use the pictures to help you.

Please record this in your reading journal.


Other Curriculum Areas

Please continue to select an activity from the Year 1 Foundation Subject Grid which was sent out yesterday. We hope you have found something here that will enthuse your child.

Creative literacy task for Wednesday

Hopefully you have managed to cobble together a few resources that you will be able to use in the creation of your family fairy garden project- ready for tomorrow!


I hope home learning runs smoothly and your child enjoys their tasks today.


Please do email if you need any help and thank you once again for all of your support.

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