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Tuesday 30th June 2020

Welcome to your home learning for Tuesday 30th June 2020!

Here you will find your tasks for the day. If you have any worries or concerns, you know where to find me.

Joke of the day:

Q: Why do basketball players love donuts?
A: Because they dunk them!

Fact of the day:

Forty is the only number whose letters are in alphabetical order.


Please follow one of the links on the Year 4 home page to either Cosmic Kids, GoNoodle, PE with Joe Wickes or Smiling Minds. The choice is up to you this week! Make sure you stay fit and healthy.


Please make sure you are dedicating about 25 minutes per day to reading. Remember you can quiz at home too!



We are onto Unit 14 – Choose the right word. Have a go at completing the sentences. If you are unsure of a meaning of a word, please ask someone in your house to explain it.


Guided reading

Today we will continue with The Wonder Garden and find out about the Great Barrier Reef.

Have a THINK about the following questions:

  • Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?
  • Why has the title ‘Welcome Guests’ been used?
  • What sort of animals would you find in the Great Barrier Reef?


Today we are looking at fronted adverbials. Kristjana Williams, the author of The Wonder Garden, is an expert at using them. Remember, a fronted adverbial is when the adverb is at the start of a sentence. It gives more information to the rest of the sentence.

What is a Fronted Adverbial?


Today we are multiplying 3 digit numbers. Hopefully you will be able to use your learning from yesterday. Don’t forget that if you are multiplying by hundred, you need two place holders. Check that your answer makes sense at the end, your answer should be quite a lot bigger than your original number. If it isn’t something has gone a little bit wrong!

3 digit by 1 digit multiplication



Today, we will be sticking with our learning on maps, but we will be considering scale and distance. Use the PowerPoint to help get your head around this and then have a go at the activity.

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