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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Welcome to Tuesday, Year Five!

I hope you are ready for today's learning. 

On this Day:

Firstly 250 years ago in 1770, James Cook first discovered the land of Australia. 


Below is some information about what he did and why it was an incredible achievement. 


It's a Tuesday, which means some Go Noodle, try and get the whole family involved in some of these this morning!



For Miss S group (-ent, -ence, -ant, -ance) words follow the link below, it's a game, which gets you spelling these -ent words before the timer runs out!



This is the link for Mrs T's group, it is the same game but with a focus of the dis- prefix. 


Today I have an activity linked to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief for you. 

You will be completing a Graphic Chapter Summary of Chapter Two: Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death. 

A graphic summary, uses quotes and pictures to collate important parts of the chapter in one place, to help you remember what has gone on in the book as we go. 


Here is my version of a graphic summary for Chapter One: I Accidentally Vaporise My Maths Teacher. 


Chapter One Graphic Planner

So it is over to you now. Below is the file with the template on and it also includes some quotes from Chapter Two as I know many of you won't have the book at home. Choose four to include and illustrate them. 


Today you are going to continue with your piece of writing about the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. 

This will focus on the very important flight: 


Imagine the feelings they would have as they approached the edge of the cliff with the wings on, had they practised? What does Icarus get told by his father? (Remember the rules about speech from last Friday!) What would it be like to fly after years of solitude and imprisonment? Then when they start to break, how would Icarus have felt, what would he have been thinking about?


Don't forget to edit regularly as you write. 



1) 391 - 100

2) 45 x 13

3) 7/10 of 60


Answers to be uploaded later!


Today we are thinking about decimal number sequences. 

For example if we start off with 

0.3 and add 0.25 each time the sequence will become:

0.3 , 0.55, 0.8, 10.5, 13....



Sometimes you need to think about what the intervals are worth to work out the rest of it: 

0.4. 0.8, 1.2, 1.6...____


For this one we would need to see how much it changes between each, and in this case it is 0.4. 

So we need to add 0.4 to 1.6 to find the next number in the sequence. 


So the next number in the sequence would become 2. 


0.4, 0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2


Now it is your turn, there are challenges ranging from Good to Black Cat. 

Good luck!


Answers will be uploaded this afternoon. 


Today, I would like you to take some inspiration from a favourite artist of mine at the moment: Charlie Mackesy. 


He is the author of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.




Which has been a huge bestseller around the world, and people have been sharing some of his inspirational words and art at this time to keep them positive. 

Here are some of the pictures for you to have a look at.  

I would like for your art today, to think of a motivational message that can be shared with an illustration that you have drawn. 


Pieces of work that I am sent will be put up on the page for Thursday and Friday to make all of us smile. 


I am really looking forward to this piece of work!

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