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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning Year One,

We hope your home learning went well yesterday.

Here are your tasks for today.

If you have any questions please email us at the usual email addresses.



You might like to start your day with the Joe Wicks workout on You Tube.

Here is another Super movers song to move and sing along to.



Today, we would like you to think about questions you would ask a firefighter about their uniform and the tools they use.

Refer to your writing from yesterday. You might want to play the dress the firefighter game again to recap on some key information.

Try to think of the different question words you know, the prompt sheet below will help you.

Can you think of at least 3 questions, starting with 3 different question words and write them into your home learning book?


Remember questions end with a question mark.

Can you find out the answers to your questions and write these down in your book, too?


For example:

Why do firefighters wear boots with metal toecaps?

Firefighters wear boots with metal toecaps to protect their feet from broken glass and other dangerous rubbish on the floor.


A song about question words



Please continue to work on your spellings for the week- they focus on : ire- Fire, fire! and ear – Hear with your ear.

They are: fire, spire, wire, hear, fear, spear / school, house 



The phonic focus this week are also: ire- Fire, fire! and ear – Hear with your ear.

We will also revise: a-emake a cake and i-enice smile.

Please complete another section of the sheet from yesterday. There is also a further phonics sheet attached- if you prefer to read the words together on screen that is absolutely fine. You do not have to print it off.




In your handwriting books please work on the following letter formation- the zig zag letters:

v, w, x, z

Today, try to write the letters in a pattern. For example,

v w v w                  x z x z             w v z w v z    

Please refer to the handwriting sheet in your pack for the correct formation.



Please read for at least 10 minutes.

Here are the links for the online books. We hope you enjoy reading one today.



In maths we will be completing work on finding a quarter of a shape .

Please follow the link below to the set of lessons called Summer Term – Week 2 (W/c 27th April) 

Please click on lesson 2 - Find a quarter (1)


 Watch the video first. There is a ‘flashback’ page to consolidate prior learning, remember to pause the page to discuss and answer the questions.

Once your child has watched the whole video you could either print out the ‘Get the Activity’ pages with relevant questions linked to the learning in the video. You can ‘Get the answers’ in the box below. Or, if you prefer not to print out additional paper, then please ask your child to complete the following in their home learning book:


1. Draw around items from your home that will give you a circle, square and rectangle shape. 

Cut them out.

Fold the shapes into 4 equal parts.

Identify one quarter of each shape.  You can label the shape if you would like to.


2. Draw a circle, square and rectangle- use a ruler to split it into 4 equal parts.

Colour one quarter of each shape.


3. Ask an adult to draw 4 shapes- they need to draw 3 shapes with one quarter coloured and 1 shape that has more or less than one quarter coloured.

You need to spot and tick the shape that does not have one quarter coloured.



Foundation Subjects


Below is a grid of other subject activities that you can select from this week.

Please select one of the activities to have a go at today.

Here are the links referred to on the grid.

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