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Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning Reception and welcome to Tuesday's learning.  The theme for the week that was set yesterday will continue today. So here are your tasks...



PSED - Personal Social and Emotional development


If you find something unfair today – think about how you talk to the person that made it unfair – could you come up with a good solution?

Physical Development


To do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.




Communication Language and Literacy


Have another listen to the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar – I am sure that you can finish off some of the sentences - you could even read it with me – or turn the sound off and read it yourself!





The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Crle

Still image for this video



Today’s clip is a part from an Alphablocks programme. It looks at ‘ou’ our previous sound and moves onto ‘oy’ it creates a new word ‘cowboy’ just to help you out in case there are any questions ‘cowboy’ has 2 lots of ‘special friends’ in it. The ‘ow’ in cow is different from the ‘ow’ sound they have already learnt ‘ow’ – blow the snow with the polar bear picture. It is a set 2 sound.  ‘ow’ brown cow is a set 3 sound. This is where the picture cues are vital for these new sounds – please use the resources Mr English has posted on the website for help with phonics.



Alphablocks Series 4 - Cowboy

When a cowboy rides into Alphaland, it's time for OU and OY to round up some cows. Yee-hah! This episode introduces the digraphs '-oy-' and '-ou-' and the wo...



The next part of your caterpillar diary.

Can you add day 6 to your caterpillar diary? What has happened today?




Maths - Number


'I count -you count' today…

Have a go at playing the Topmarks Gingerbread man game today.  Counting to 10 - putting the buttons on his tummy and then checking it.



If you wanted to design your own Gingerbread man you could used the attached template – or draw your own – give him some buttons – if you had 10 in total how would you count them out for each Gingerbread man – how many would they each get.  Can you pause after each one and count on the next number? Can you go higher than 10?



Outline of a Gingerbread man

Knowledge and Understanding


Caterpillar diary – see your writing task for the day.




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