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Home Learning Tuesday 21st April

Hello Year 6 - I hope you’re looking forward to your home learning activities today!


Today we we be looking at Angle Calculations. Before you start working though the questions set, you may want to take a look below to recap the angle rules we have learnt in class.

Picture 1

Remember you can print out the sheets, or just work out the answers in your workbook.

There is also a 10 minute test, try to stick to the time if you can. 

The answers are attached so you can check your work. Remember to check your calculations carefully before you mark your work!

Writing: A Guide to Lockdown Life


Today, we would like you to begin a writing project that will take up the next week and a bit.


The theme is your guide to surviving the lockdown with your family. We have chosen this theme, as it is something that you all have experience of and will potentially have a similar structure as the guide to Camp Green Lake that we wrote in January.


Today: your task is to create a plan for the different headings that you may wish to include. Here are some ideas:


  • Siblings and other family members
  • Eating
  • Entertainment
  • Learning
  • Exercise


You may wish to create a mind map with your headings.


Once you have your headings, write your ideas underneath them all. Remember, this are just your initial ideas - you will be able to build upon them or even say goodbye to some of them as you write over the next few sessions.

Lockdown writing brainstorming

Year Six: some ideas for you to brainstorm the topic of surviving lockdown. You can use some of these ideas if you wish, as well as coming up with your own.

Daily Reading

Year Six, you should have had new reading targets yesterday. These will be another chance for you to earn a token for the Grand Big Prize Draw at the end of the year. Log on to Accelerated Reader and see what your target is and do not forget your thirty minutes reading a day!

Topic - What’s inside your body? (Day 2)

Please complete your body template that you started yesterday.





Think carefully about:

  • What is inside the body – the things you cannot see (e.g. your heart)
  • The position and size of any organs etc.
  • Labelling anything you draw onto the body.
  • How you colour in what you have drawn.


Remember to take a picture of your work and send it to me. I look forward to receiving these.

This day in history:

21st April 1956: Elvis Presley scored his first number one single with 'Heartbreak Hotel'.

Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel Live (1956`)

Elvis Presley singing Heartbreak Hotel in 1956`

Painting Recreations


We are very excited to have had two pictures of families recreating a famous painting. Can you guess which paintings have been recreated below?


Please send us your entries, we are looking forward to seeing them!

Picture 1
Picture 2
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