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Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday 21st April

Fact of the day:

Kangaroos cannot jump backwards because of their thick, muscular tail!



Start your day off with some exercise. Choose either to follow the Joe Wicks live workout or a yoga routine from the Cosmic Kids Yoga link!



Reading for at least 20 minutes today, independently or to an adult. Don't forget, you can still quiz on books at home!


Today we are going to use the fraction walls you made yesterday to find equivalent fractions. 

When fractions are equivalent, it means that they have different top and bottom numbers but they represent the same value.

We can also use our fraction wall strips to show this. Look at the picture below:

Your activity today is to find different sets of equivalent fractions. You will need to line your fraction wall strips up and see where different fractions end. 

Not every fraction will be equivalent to another on your fraction wall.

Remember - you need to line your strips up carefully otherwise this won't work!


If you are not sure where to start, have a look at the picture below. Start by trying to find a fraction equivalent to these. Once you are more confident, you can see which others you can find. 



When you have explored this, have a look at the following worksheets. Please aim to answer questions 1 to 5.


Yesterday you planned a diary entry. Today, I would like you to write the first 2 paragraphs, meaning you will be writing about your first 2 activities. You will need to turn your notes into detailed sentences. 

Remember, when we are writing a diary entry, you are talking about something that has already happened. Therefore, you should be writing in the past tense all the way through.  

When you are moving onto your second paragraph, leave 2 lines before starting. This will help with your presentation.


Success Criteria - try to tick off all the following things in your writing:

  • Capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Conjunctions (and, but, so, because, which)
  • Similes
  • Alliteration
  • Prepositions (behind, next to, above, below)
  • Time connectives (first, last, next, then, after that, suddenly, finally) 



If you know that you are going to write lots for one activity, there is nothing stopping you turning this into 2 paragraphs. We don't want a paragraph that is a page long! This means you might have 1 paragraph for your first activity and 2 paragraphs for your second activity, Think carefully about where you start the new paragraph if you are doing this. 


I have written you an example paragraph. Read it carefully and look at all the grammar features I have picked out in it. This is what I would expect from one of your paragraphs.


This afternoon you are going to continue with the computing we started in school. We were looking at coding. Before you continue with coding the angry birds sequences, watch the following videos:



When you have watched the video, you may begin the coding. You all reached different levels in our last lesson, if you can remember where you finished then you may continue from there. If you cannot remember, then begin from level 3. 


You will need to use this link to access the correct version:


The Repeat button

As you progress, you will see pink repeat buttons. You can use these to make the character do the same thing over and over. This is better than having 10 buttons all saying ‘move forward’. 
It might get tricky, you might need to take a 10 minute break and then come back to it.

See how much you can do by yourself, the challenge is to do as much of it as you can without an adult helping you - you might have to try 5 or 6 times.

The most important thing is that you persevere… that means that you keep trying and don’t give up easily! Good luck! 

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