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Tuesday 19th May

Tuesday 19th May

Fact of the day:

Cadbury creme eggs have been produced since 1971!



Start your day off with some exercise. Choose either to follow the Joe Wicks live workout or a yoga routine from the Cosmic Kids Yoga link!



Reading for at least 20 minutes today, independently or to an adult. Don't forget, you can still quiz on books at home!


Today we are going to start looking at the 'to' side. This is a little more complicated than the 'past' side.

We will focus today on twenty to and twenty-five to. 


First, we need to remember that this is how we think about the digital clock:

Have a look at the following pictures, they explain each time.

Now try converting these analogue times to digital times.

  1. Twenty to 3 
  2. Twenty-five to 6
  3. Twenty to 8 
  4. Twenty-five to 11
  5. Twenty to 2 
  6. Twenty-five to 5
  7. Twenty to 9 
  8. Twenty-five to 7
  9. Twenty to 1 
  10. Twenty-five to 12
  11. Twenty to 10 
  12. Twenty-five to 4


Today we are going to start writing our book reviews. You are only going to write the first paragraph today. 

This paragraph will be: What is the book about?


In this paragraph, you want to give the person reading your book review a brief overview of what happens in the book. However, you don't want to tell them every detail! You might also want to give a few details about some of the characters and the setting.

If your book review told them everything, then they wouldn't need to go and read it! You need to leave the surprises a surprise and keep the secrets a secret! 


Have a look at the example paragraph I have written.


In The Enchanted Wood, we go on lots of adventures with Jo, Beth and Franny. It all starts when they make their way into what appears to be a normal forest, full of trees and beautiful flowers. When they get there… the magic begins. This forest was far from normal! Jo, Beth and Franny make some wonderful friends who live in the forest. Their friends take them to the top of the Faraway Tree, an enchanted tree with magical lands which are ready to be explored! Will these lands be fun and full of excitement, or will the lead to disaster?


Today we are going to look at compass directions. 


A compass might look like this:

N = north
E = east

S = south

W = west


A compass shows directions. You use it by standing still and holding it in front of you. The needle will spin to point north. 


There is a sheet below for you to complete, solving steps involving compass directions. Use the compass at the bottom of the sheet - it shows you which way is N. 

There are 3 sheets in the document, 3 different levels. Choose which one you want to do. You might have time to do more than 1. 

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