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Tuesday 19th May

Welcome to Tuesday 19th May here is today's learning...

We are going to continue with the tasks and themes from yesterday - I hope you enjoy them? 

Personal Social and Emotional Development - Relationships


Relationships – Monday’s task continued.

A celebration of our unit of work and our new understanding.

Task – I would like you to make a poster that has all of the things we have thought about over the last 5 weeks about things being fair and unfair.  What Nina and Tom have been through, how the giant helped Nina. Your pictures that you created last week.  This poster will be a celebration of your understanding and how you are able to accept that sometimes things are not fair but it is up to us to stay calm and cope when they are not.

LISTEN, LOOK and THNK are really good words to have on your poster to help you organise your thoughts – a starting point for you – I am looking forward to seeing them.




Physical Development - Gross Motor skills


To do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.

Communication Language and Literacy

Jack and the Beanstalk

Have a go at listening to jack and the beanstalk today – without looking at the pictures.

Can you retell it afterwards?



Phonics: The 'a-e' spelling [FREE RESOURCE]

Here is a short film today to help with the a_e sound.


Can you update your caterpillar diary today – Day 27

Don't forget your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. 


Maths - Number

We are going to continue with doubling today – have another watch of the Numberblocks today – if they would like to. 

Below is a link to a maths activity. It is a game from a website I use a lot with the children they provide great ideas for developing thinking skills in maths. I have attached a PDF of the task.

I have also added my own version of the game a short clip for the children. 

There are 2 Gingerbread men -which number was doubled to make 2?

Double Trouble

Still image for this video
What happens if you double the amount of Gingerbread men?

Different ways to show doubles:

Egg boxes - If you have some saved? (sent a message last week)

You can show double 3,5,6 or more on an egg box. 


Dominoes are also good to show doubles –

Dig them out of the cupboard, make some or I have attached a PDF of some for you.

Give the children the chance to show as many doubles as possible.

If you can leave them to do it and say that you will be back in 5 minutes to see how many they have done!

Can they explain it – double 1 is 2

Double 2 is 4

Double 3 is 6 – can they show it?

Knowledge and Understanding of the World - Religion

All the resources for this topic are under the crucifix icon on the class page for this week. I have read out different bible extracts - they are numbered. 


There is some good news to share – Jesus is alive.  I have added a clip from the bible about the resurrection. There is a nice picture for the children to look at.

Jesus’s friends were so happy that he was alive – it was such amazing news.  They all had a special meal together. Jesus appeared to his friends on many different occasions. I have recorded some of the different times.

Have a listen to the part 2,3,4 and 5 from the class pages resources of the Good News topic. I have read some short extracts from the Bible for you.

Have a think about how lovely it was for Jesus friends to share this special time with him. 

Can you draw a picture about something that you remember from the bible extracts today – can you tell your grown up what you remember.
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