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Tuesday 19th May

Welcome to Tuesday's home learning page Year 6. I hope you’re looking forward to getting stuck into your home learning activities today!

Writing Task: Discussion Text

Today we are coming back to the piece of writing that we started before ‘Give your parents a break’ week. You began writing a discussion text with the title Is learning at school the best way to learn? So far you have written an introduction and all the positive reasons about learning at school.


Now you are going to write about learning at home. What are the main positives about learning from home? Remember to use all of your ideas from the table you created a few weeks ago.


Here are some ideas to help:


Is learning at school the best way to learn?


Learning at Home


  • I can complete my work at any time of the day that suits me best.
  • I can take as many work breaks as I like.
  • I can complete my work in whatever order I fancy – there is no set timetable.
  • I have more time to spend with my family.



Remember to link ideas together to avoid writing a list. Try to use interesting conjunctions like therefore, as a result and moreover.


Here’s a sentence starter to help you get writing…


However, there are many advantages to learning at home.


Today we will be looking at Multiplying Fractions by Fractions. Watch the video below carefully as this will help you with your work by working through some examples to get you started.

Multiply fractions by fractions

Please complete the activity below. Have a go at as many questions as you can. It is okay to leave a question if you are struggling. Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.


A document containing the answers can also be found below so you can mark your own work once you’re finished. You can also use the answer sheet to work through any questions you struggled to answer.

Topic – The Circulatory System (Day 2)

Yesterday you learnt about the circulatory system and quizzed yourself on your new knowledge. Today we are going to focus in a little more on one of the three main components of the circulatory system: blood.


Watch the videos below to find out more and this vital and fascinating substance:

What is Blood?

Task: Instead of writing this down what you have learnt about blood and its importance, film yourself presenting this information to teach others. If you cannot film this please do not worry, just present your information about blood to your family.

Remember to say:

  • What blood is.
  • What the job of each component of blood is (mention plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets).
  • Why blood is so important.

This day in history: 1536

This was not a great day for Anne Boleyn, for she was executed on this day in 1536. She was married to Henry VII and he was not a patient or a particularly forgiving man. However, he did like getting married - Anne was only his second wife, he would go on to having another four.

HORRIBLE HISTORIES - The Wives of Henry VIII (Terrible Tudors)

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