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Tuesday 16th June

Welcome to Tuesday's learning


Personal Social and Emotional Development

Change – Change in our feelings. Sometimes we feel a certain way because we feel differently – we feel scared or anxious when faced with new challenges. We feel happy because we have been given something, we feel sad because we have to say goodbye or we feel angry because we have to stop. 
Sometimes we know why we feel the way we feel and why we have reacted in a certain way.  Sometimes we don’t have long enough to think about it and just react!

Sometimes people react towards us in a surprising way because of this – they don’t know what they are feeling - so how are we supposed to!

Today’s story helps put emotions into colours. We have spoken about this in class a little while ago. Once you have listened to the story, can you create a picture today (if you would like) with all the colours linked to the emotions. Maybe a rainbow? You could be the rainbow?

The Color Monster, A Story About Emotions by Anna Llenas | Children's Books | Storytime with Elena

A story about emotions.
Color Monster is very confused and needs help in sorting his mixed-up emotions. Luckily, his friend is there to help. Watch the story and let me know which f...

Physical Development – Gross Motor Control

I am sure you have some family favourite activities – Yoga, walking, cycling, running, tennis – give them a go. Or maybe one of the games from last week – did you have a favourite?

Physical Development – Fine motor control skills

Carry on with your triangle patterns from yesterday. Can you make them better than yesterday?


Communication Language and Literacy

This week’s book is Tiddler by Julia Donaldson – a favorite of many households!

Have another listen – Can you retell some of it today?


Books for Kids Read Aloud: (A Julia Donaldson Storybook Collection) Tiddler the story telling fish

Tiddler the story telling fish By Julia Donaldson Illustrated by Axel Scheffler The smallest fish can tell the tallest tales. 'Sorry I'm late, Miss. I set of...


To continue with the sound  are -care and share. Go back over the sheet from yesterday and read the words. share, dare, scare, square, bare

A little song for you - you may like it!

Trigraphs / Dipthongs/ Long Vowel air-ear-are / Phonics Song

This is a fun, trigraphs phonics song for learners of English. A colorful, animated music video to learn how to pronounce the, "air / are / are" sounds. Copy...

When 2 Vowels Go Walking | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Another song that might help explain some of the sounds we have heard so far.

When two vowels go walking sometimes the first one does the talking by having the long vowel sound and the second vowel is silent. This catchy song will help...



This week we are going to use our skills for hold a sentence. We will be building up the skills throughout the week to move onto writing sentences.  We are going to use the story Tiddler to help us with our skills this week. 

One of Tiddlers great skills is telling tales – or creative stories.

Tiddler had many tall tales – have a think about some of them and see if you can add more detail. I will give you the start, can you finish the sentence.

Sorry I’m late, I was riding on a sea horse…

Sorry I’m late I was flying with a sting ray…

Sorry I’m late I was riding on a dolphin…

Sorry I’m late I found a shipwreck and met a …

Sorry I’m late I was captured by a squid and rescued by a…

Have a go at adding some detail orally today are they different from yesterday? Tomorrow we will look at holding the sentence to do some writing to go with it.

Maths  - Number

Day 2 of The Princess and the Wizard activities.

Today’s focus is: Adding more and taking away. Counting to 20.  

Expressive Arts

This is an active retelling of Tiddler – I am sure you could do a much better job – why don’t you try this week to have a go at retelling the story of tiddler with actions. – Maybe create your own puppets, actions and props.  If you would like to send in a clip I would love to see it. Involve the family!

Tiddler - Children's Story - Interactive Storytelling by Tiny T's

An interactive storytelling of Tiddler for the little sailors out there! Find more on @tinytsparties Instagram www.tinytsparti...

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