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Tuesday 12th May Learning tasks

Welcome to Tuesday's learning. 

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's learning - we will be carrying on with the same themes today. Don't forget to check in on the caterpillars - their updates will be on their page soon. I hope you have a restful afternoon!


Personal Social and Emotional development - Relationships


Can you draw your second picture for your 'That's not fair' collection?

Notes from yesterday:  - this week we are going to think about all the things in our lives that are sometimes unfair on us! Not getting the last biscuit. Having to wait for story time, needing to talk to mummy or daddy first, having to share a toy, wanting to go left but everyone else wants to go right! Having to walk when your feet hurt, wanting to stay up late, not getting to eat sweets every day, not being able to watch your favourite TV programme, the list goes on, I’m sure you could add some in!

Each day I would like you to draw a picture of something that is not fair.  (You could fit all 5 on one page.) Or you could write the sentence to go with your idea – or your grown up could write it for you.  I look forward to seeing them at the end of the week – you may be relating your work to personal experience or someone who you may have heard about – if you are really struggling think back (or listen back) to the stories from the last 2 weeks about Nina and Tom.


Physical Development - Gross motor control


Don't forget to do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.


Physical Development - Fine Motor

If you enjoyed the spirals from yesterday – why don’t you explore making some more pictures today with the spiral shape – big ones and small ones – maybe cakes in a shop window – I love a cinnamon swirl! Are there any swirly cakes you like? (if you are unsure I have attached a picture)

Cinnamon Swirl

Communication Language and Literacy

Have a look at the pages from The See to Sunflower book today.  Read it through with your grown up. The book is available in photo format on the Reception story time page in our Class page.



Some more Alphablocks for you today to help you through the ‘oi’ sound. It looks at the set 2 sound ‘or’ and then moves onto the ‘ur’ sound  (they will meet this officially later)

Alphablocks - Volume 3 Episode 14 - The End (Diagraphs OI, OR, UR)

Have a look at the ‘oi’ colouring in sheet today – either – print and colour, read from the screen, draw your own words to match the one on the screen and colour them in.

oi words to find, read and colour



The next part of your caterpillar diary.



Can you add day 20 to your caterpillar diary? What has happened today?

Maths - Numbers to 20


Another counting song today

Remember keep on counting.

Count all of your toys as you put them away.

How many different things have you counted today?

Count And Move (HD) | Super Simple Songs

Get the Super Simple App for iOS! ► We hope you enjoy this counting song! Practice counting to 20 with the updated HD version of our ...

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