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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good Morning Year Five!

Today is the 7th May, and it marks the day Germany surrendered to the Allies in Europe during WW2.

Below is a link to a clip of a newsreel from the time. 

We, of course, remember VE day (Victory in Europe day) on the 8th May which we will think more about tomorrow!



Today is the day to test yourself on your spellings. 

Ask a parent or older sibling to help you out!

Keep practising any words you didn't quite get right. 


Today we have another information packed chapter to listen to! 

Remember to do some doodling as you listen if that helps or read along with the book. 


Remember to listen out for information about the Gods and Goddesses, you'll need it next week!



Chapter 6- I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom

Still image for this video


Today, you need to finish writing your piece about whether you would rather be a Spartan or an Athenian. 

Then edit, making sure you check for:

  • spelling errors
  • grammatical errors (does it make sense?)
  • punctuation errors (does it need more or is the punctuation in the wrong place?)
  • up-levelling language choices

You then should try and read it out to someone, show them how passionate you are about being Athenian or Spartan! 

I wonder what you will choose...



1) 3.215 x 1000

2) 147 x 5

3) 7/8 of 64



Today, I have included some maths problems, that cover a whole range of different concepts that we have looked at this week. 


If you find anything difficult, have a look back over Monday-Wednesday's work.




A Thursday Foodie Challenge today...

Difficult food challenge asks you to design some utensils (such as a fork, knife or spoon) that will help you to eat some of the 'difficult food' that are included on the sheet below. 


Your mission is to make it as easy as possible to eat the difficult foods, think of the detail about how the utensil works. 

If you want a further challenge, you could think about the packaging that it would come in, or design an advert that will promote your design!




Come up with your own difficult food, and design some utensils to go with it. 

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