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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6. All your Thursday home learning activities can be found right here. Work your way through the activities and remember we are here to help you if you need us.

-Miss Cappella & Mr English


Today we will be doing more addition and subtraction work. Watch the video below carefully before you get started.

Mixed Addition and Subtraction

Please complete the activity below. Have a go at as many questions as you can. It is okay to leave a question if you are struggling. Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.

A document containing the answers can also be found below so you can mark your own work once you’re finished. You can also use the answer sheet to work through any questions you struggled to answer.

Writing Task: Discussion Text

Today we will be writing about learning at school. Start by re-reading your introduction. Is it clear? Have you introduced the discussion clearly?

Now you are going to write about learning at school. Remember to use all of your ideas from the table you created on Monday. Remember to link ideas together to avoid writing a list. Try to use interesting conjunctions like therefore, as a result and moreover.

Here’s a sentence starter to help you get writing…


There are many advantages to learning at school.



You will be writing this over next week as well. As a guide for what we expect from the piece, the structure could look something like this:




First section: main advantage one for school


Second section: main advantage two for school


Transition paragraph


Third section: main advantage one for home learning


Fourth section: main advantage two for home learning


Concluding thoughts summarising your thoughts and your opinion

Science – Healthy Bodies

Today we are going to be investigating different food groups and finding out why a variety of foods is important for a healthy diet.

To get started, first look carefully through the slideshow below.

Healthy Bodies Lesson 2

Now that you are an expert on different food groups and healthy diets, have a go at the activity below. You can check your work with the answers on the second page. Good luck!

Healthy Bodies Activity 2 and Answers


Exercise time. Let's get the body moving and keep ourselves active. Choose a workout of your choice. You could go on your trampoline; go for a walk with your family or even play a game of football in the garden. Whatever you feel like doing as long as it gets your heart rate up!

On this day in history: 1945

General Alfred Jodi signs an unconditional surrender to the Allies at Rheims, France - signalling an important part in the closure of World War II.

Germans surrender during World War II

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