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Thursday 7th May

Reception learning for Thursday 7th May


Good morning Reception here is today’s learning for you - I hope you are enjoying the stories this week? Don't forget to check in with the caterpillars...

I know Thursday is usually our theme day - but tomorrow is a special day this week for our country so I have left our special day for tomorrow – Hope you don’t mind!

Physical Development - Gross motor

To do your daily work out – Joe Wicks / Yoga / your family favourite.



Physical Development  - Fine Motor

Have another try ant some of the patterns on the handwriting website. 

Can you refine your skills from last time?

Communication Language and Literacy

Have another listen to The Tiny Seed –

Turn the sound off today – can you tell the story – artistic licence is fine! You may be able to enhance this beautiful story.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle



Find and write the ‘ea’ sound – there is a whole collection of levels in the sheets today on the attached PDF.  Please choose wisely – I’m sure you are able to make the judgement on which one to give your child.  If they are reading fluently then they can try sheet 3 and if they need a little bit of support then try sheet 1. If they are not feeling the love of a challenge today read through page 7 and 8 together.



Can you update your caterpillar diary today – Day 15

Remember all of your writing skills...

Maths - Number

Today I hope you can use your skills to count on and add on. From the bus game from last week and Mr Gumpy and his boat from this week can you create your own little stories.

How many are on the boat / bus / car/ in the classroom?

3 more join - how many are there now?

5 get off / out – how many are there now?

8 get on /in - home many are there now?

6 need to go to the toilet!  - how many are there now?

Be creative / keep it simple! Use Lego / blocks/ small world figures – anything that is to hand. –

They may want to draw it? (A maths graphic)

Knowledge and Understanding - just an option

The following link is for a free pairs game – the cards are printable if you wish.(just if you would like it as a game)

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