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Thursday 4th June


Today is another opportunity to do some quiet reading, and to get to your target!


Today, you are going to write a short piece of descriptive writing, that describes the witches from Macbeth. 

You need to get what they look like, sound like and how they move into your piece of writing. 

Below is a version I have written to help you- feel free to magpie some ideas but try and gather some ideas of your own too!



Three shaded figures moved towards the cauldron – three very different figures. The first was as tall as the trees that lined the hill, stooped over double, its face long and big with a huge bulbous nose, long thin chin, and pale grey eyes, its hair was white straw, unkempt and untidy. The look it gave was one of sheer terror. The second seemed younger, with bare feet and dirty hands, like the first it had matted hair however this was as red as the flames of which they approached; eyes black as night, mad and piercing, as it opened its mouth there were signs of old rotten teeth broken away from years of decay. The third, who seemed to be the leader, was perhaps the ugliest of them all. She had no hair apart from a few wisps that covered her wrinkly head, two yellow cat eyes and a long nose of which at the end of was a hairy wart. She had a single tooth in her mouth but it was as sharp as a knife, a forked tongue darted around that lonesome tooth.

These weird sisters were dressed in tatty rags, they moved towards the cauldron with intent. They knew who was on their way to them. 



Remember to include detail, ideas, and use your picture that you created yesterday to help you!




Today we are looking at subtracting mixed number fractions, again it's a topic we have looked at before. 

Watch the videos and have a go at answering the questions. If you find the first one a bit difficult to follow, look at Mrs Andrews short video.




Thursday subtracting fractions year 5

Year 5 - Subtract mixed numbers


Today we are thinking about a scientist we have already looked at before, when we were studying forces and how they work we examined Newton's theory of gravity. 

He didn't just look into gravity however, below are some slides all about Newton's colour theory, have a look!

Now is your chance to experiment with Newton's colour theory. 

There is a How to Guide as well as templates to help you make it. 

Under that is a video in case you're not sure what it should look like, it also explains how the colour wheel works too. 

How the Newtonian Colour Wheel Works

Still image for this video
Only watch if you have made the wheel or can't make the wheel and want to see how it works!
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