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Thursday 4th June 2020

Home learning for 4th June 2020


Hello Year 4, I have outlined your tasks for today. Let me know if you have any worries or concerns.



Let’s start off the day with a little bit of activity! Decide if you would like to join in with Joe Wickes, practise some dances on GoNoddle, do a little bit of yoga on Cosmic Kids or practise your times tables simultaneously with Super Movers! You can access the links on the Year 4 home page.


Chapter of the day:

I think you will enjoy this chapter! Something quite unexpected happens.


THINK about the following questions:

  • How do you think Finn feels when he realises he can swim under water?
  • What connections do you think he might make about his life/mum/dad?
  • How would he feel towards the dolphin when he first sees it?
  • What sea creatures/plants might Finn have seen?
  • After his discussion with his dad, how do you think Finn feels?
  • Why do you think Finn’s dad kept the secret?
  • How does the secret explain his dad’s moods?


Today  we are learning about expanded noun phrases. We have done lots of work on them, and know that they can be written as adjective, adjective noun with ……….. However, they don’t have to have the word ‘with.’ Read the PowerPoint to find out more. The PowerPoint will also tell you how and when to complete the tasks.  


Today we are sticking with polygons, but we are specifically looking at quadrilaterals (this is a fancy name for shapes with 4 sides).


A few things to think about:

Right angle means it is exactly the same size as a corner on a piece of paper

Parallel lines are lines that consistently move at exactly the same distance from each other. If they kept going forever, they would never touch.

Equal lines are lines that are the same length

Characteristics are things which make  the shape different to the rest. E.g. a square has 4 equal sides, 4 equal angles and 4 lines of symmetry

Rhombus- a quadrilateral where all sides have the same length (it’s not very technical, but I think of this shape as a squashed square!)

Parallelogram- a 4 sided shape, where opposite sides are parallel (I like to think of this shape as a squashed rectangle)

Trapezium – a 4 sided shape with one set of parallel sides (I think this shape looks a little bit like a roof of a house).

These are parallel lines

Quadrilaterals Song

Be careful- we use the word 'trapezium' not 'trapezoid'


Today we are thinking about the importance of recycling. Click on the PDF to find out what I need you to find out and present on a poster. This work will be really useful as we move through this half term.

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