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Thursday 4th June

Good Morning Welcome to Thursday's learning . I hope you have a good day...


Personal Social and Emotional Development

I hope you have managed to think about the task from Monday and come up with a thought or an idea – could you please send them to me . Thank you.

Physical Development – Fine motor control skills

If you would like to continue with the handwriting patterns this week. You were doing tunnels before half term- now it is a chance to do long and short sides on your tunnels.  (These will help for ascender letters – the letters that travel up, beyond the line. –l and t) Can you make them better than yesterday?

Can you think about some words that have these letters in and maybe have a go at writing them? ‘lolly and little’ are good examples, have a go!

Communication Language and Literacy

Have another read of the rainbow fish today. Can you talk about the Rainbow Fish and the choices he made?

The Rainbow Fish

It's a wonderful story by Marcus Pfister about friendship and sharing. For this book I didn't want to just narrat...

Reading and Writing

Have another look at the sound o_e Phone Home.

Can you write the words out? Can you put them into a sentence – a skills we work on in class is to say and then ‘hold a sentence’, this means that we count out the amount of words on our fingers and say the sentence back.

I wrote my mum a note. Say it, repeat it, say it with your fingers – one for each word. Repeat it using your fingers and say the word count. Can you try putting one , some, all of these words into a sentence – try out the ‘hold a sentence’ technique… home, hope, spoke, note, broke, phone

Maths - Number

This story is all about halving – I hope you enjoy it? The doorbell rang by Pat Hutchings.

Read Aloud: The Doorbell Rang

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

A Maths game: I have attached a game for the children to play – you can print it/ make your own.

You need to share the bones out between the dogs.  You could make your own version – sweets in the bag, apples on the tree, flowers in the garden and fish in the pond. Whatever will help to understand the concept of halving one group of numbers into two equal groups? Using the term half and knowing the numeral.

Expressive Arts

Can you retell the story of the Rainbow Fish in the water?

Use your bath / a bucket / a mixing bowl to retell the story of The Rainbow fish today. What can you remember form the story?
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