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Thursday 4th June

Good Morning Year 6. All your Thursday home learning activities can be found right here!

Writing Task: Explanation Text

Start your writing session today by editing your explanation writing so far.

Does it make sense?

Have you included enough detail for the reader?

Have you used technical vocabulary and varied punctuation?

Before you start writing today, you may want to re-watch the videos from yesterday or re-read the information from Tuesday.


Key information for you to include:

Remember…..White blood cells are part of the germ-fighting immune system. They are like little warriors floating around in your blood waiting to attack invaders, like viruses and bacteria. You have several types of white blood cells and each has its own special role in fighting off the different kinds of germs that make people sick.


Today, you need to write about white blood cells. Remember to give detail about their appearance, role and why they are so important in our bodies.


We will continue this writing next week...


Today we will be looking at Decimals as Fractions. Watch the video below carefully as this will help you with your work by working through some examples to get you started.

Decimals as fractions

Please complete the activity below. Have a go at as many questions as you can. It is okay to leave a question if you are struggling. Remember you can print out the sheets, or just workout the answers in your workbook.


A document containing the answers can also be found below so you can mark your own work once you’re finished. You can also use the answer sheet to work through any questions you struggled to answer.

Healthy Bodies: Muscles

We need muscles to move. Read the the information on the slides below about the different types of muscles, how some muscles work in pairs to move the skeleton and the names of some of the major muscle groups.

When we exercise our muscles have to work harder which makes them feel tired. Our hearts have to work harder too to get more blood to the muscles that are working which makes our hearts beat faster.


Design your own workout. Your activity is to identify and label each of the muscles using the Human Muscles Diagram from the link below. Next write down some exercises that would be good for specifically working each group of muscles.

Task: Design Your Own Workout

Art: Frida Kahlo webinar

A parent has made us aware of an upcoming webinar that will lead children in an art project on Thursday 3rd June. There is a small fee, of less than £5, and children will need some art equipment if interested. The link is below. If you attend, we would love to know how it goes and what you get up to!

This day in history: 1913

English suffragette Emily Davison dies after throwing herself in front of King George V's horse Anmer during running of the Derby at Epsom. This is one of the events that eventually led to women being allowed to vote.

The Suffragette Who Was Killed by King George V's Horse

In 1913, British Royalty would come in direct contact with a changing social order, thanks to a suffragette named Emily Davison.

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