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Thursday 30th April 2020

Welcome to your home learning for Thursday 30th April 2020!


Here you will find your tasks for the day. If you have any worries or concerns, you know where to find me.


Fact of the day:

Applesauce was the first food eaten in space by astronaughts!


Joke of the day:

Why are fish so smart?

Because they live in schools!



Please follow one of the links on the Year 4 home page to either Cosmic Kids, GoNoodle, PE with Joe Wickes or Smiling Minds. The choice is up to you this week! Make sure you stay fit and healthy.



Please make sure you are dedicating about 25 minutes per day to reading. Remember you can quiz at home too!



Here are your spellings to recap today:

  • Popular
  • Position
  • Possess
  • Possession
  • Possible
  • potatoes

Practise these spellings by making up a little song. It can be silly, but you have to be able to spell all of the words by the end of the day!


Today you are going to be writing your own newspaper article about Hogarth's experience. Use your plan from yesterday to put your ideas into full paragraphs. You might be able to use exactly the same paragraph and then build on your bullet points. Newspaper paragraphs are not normally very long. They are normally precise and to the point, so the reporter can quickly and efficiently share information. Think about a catchy heading, a snappy introduction and topic sentences to ensure that paragraphs stick to one point! Use my WAGOLL to help you. You are going to try to complete as much of your newspaper article as possible today, but you can also spend a bit of tomorrow's English time finishing off. Please don't send me it until Friday, when you will have edited. 


Imagine you could interview Hogarth. What might he feel? How would he describe what he had seen? What did he expect would happen in the future? Does he feel like a hero now?


Remember these rules when you are quoting Hograth:

  • Open inverted commas
  • Capital 
  • Words that come out of Hograrth's mouth
  • Punctuation , ? !
  • Close inverted commas
  • Lower case letter - stated Hogarth.

The Direct Speech Song (Inverted Commas)


Today, I am giving us an opportunity to become more confident with the main operations: addition, multiplication and subtraction. I have attached some challenge cards. How about giving yourself a specific amount of time and seeing how many you get through. This work is going to be really helpful for tomorrow, when we start to look at multi-step word problems! There is no challenge today, as these questions range from easy to tricky. If you are struggling, find another flash card to try. 



Today, you have the chance to carry on with your computing work from yesterday. Remember to send me your finished work if you would like it uploaded onto the website! 

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