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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good Morning Year Five!

Welcome to Thursday's learning. 

Today are two very important days, firstly it is St George's day, who is the patron Saint of England. 

St George and the Dragon

Find out more about him here:


It also happens to be the birth and death day of William Shakespeare, who happens to be one of my heroes! He lived from the late part of the 1500's to the early 1600's and wrote many plays and poems throughout his lifetime. 



Find out more about him below as well as a link to cartoon versions of some of his most well known plays- really catchy tunes too!


Get ready for three more videos from Go Noodle for today's PE lesson!


Did you see Mr English's round up of Accelerated Reader last term, he released it on Monday. 

Year 5 only got 17 out of 29 people reaching their targets. 

You know how competitive I am, and this just won't do! 
Today you are going to spend a few minutes looking at your new target:


You also should be reading for 30 minutes every day! 

For this reason, today I would like you to spend 30 minutes reading quietly, (find a cosy spot in your home to do this) and enjoy a good book. 

I don't want to lose the target race to Miss Cappella again, so don't let me down Year Five!


Go Team!



 The first thing I would like you to do today, is have a read through of the work you did yesterday on your Greek Myth. Check through for: 

  • spelling
  • grammar (are the words in the right order? Does it make sense?)
  • punctuation, using a wide selection of punctuation accurately throughout your myth!
  • paragraphs
  • capital letters all in the right places. 


Once you have done that, I would like you to think about the next part of the myth that you are going to write- which is boxes 4-6:

Daedalus and Icarus 2

This is thinking about how Icarus felt about being imprisoned on Crete, how Icarus watched the birds flying over the sea and the inspiration they gave him, and finally the big plan that he had!


Here is my attempt at the paragraph for box 5: 


The beautiful sea sparkled and shined as Icarus stood at the cliff. He loved the feel of the breeze on his face and the warmth the Sun offered him. He looked up and noticed the free diving and swooping of the birds over the big blue expanse. As he watched them stretch out their wings and soar above the clouds- he felt an idea form inside his head. He smiled to himself. This might just work. 



Good- Use words ending in ent or ant such as: different, innocent, hesitant, tolerant

Amazing - Use parenthesis to add extra information including brackets, dashes or commas

Awesome -use relative clauses to add extra information. 



1) 583 ÷ 7 (give your answer with a remainder)

2) 457 - _______ = 239

3) 3/5 of 20



Today very much follows on from what we were doing yesterday. 

This time we are using what we know to connect fractions, decimals and percentages together. 

Have a look at this Learning Sheet, to help you think about it.



Remember that a whole looks like this:

Fraction : 10 / 10 or 5/5 or 100/100 

Percentage: 100%

Decimal: 1.0 


This should help when comparing the different measures together. 


Here is the work for you to have a try at:


This is a resource that might help you!


This afternoon, I would like you to have a think back to our topic from last term that we didn't really get to think much about! The USA. Today is a small geography session thinking about the North American continent and how it it makes its money and wealth. 

There are two pages to read here, which you may need up to help you answer the worksheets below it. 

There are answers for this work, which I will upload after 12pm today. 



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