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Thursday 21st May

Good Morning Reception welcome to Thursday's learning.


Personal Social and Emotional Development - You may need to add some finishing otuches to your poster today. 



Physical Development

Don't forget your daily exercise - Hope you are all keeping fit. 

Communication Language and Literacy

Jack and the Beanstalk –

Can you follow the story today – I would like your grown up to stop the recording at P23 – when Jack takes the hen. Can the children write / draw / tell what happens next and how the story ends.



The Alphablocks look at all the ‘a’ sounds today – ‘a’, ‘ay’, ‘ai’, ‘a_e’


Have a look at the a_e flash cards attached on the PDF – have a go at reading them.



Alphablocks Series 4 - Name

When A gets hiccups, she can't say her own name - but Magic E and friends sing a song to help her remember. This episode introduces the long A sound, the dig...


Caterpillar diary day 29 – Let your grown up write it today – just tell them what to write – remember to remind them about finger spaces and full stops!


Maths - Number

The dancing doubles song to get you in the mood today – You will be singing it all day!

Doubles Doubles Dancing Doubles (A song about number doubles)

A super fun high energy dance song about number doubles. Get movin' and groovin'' and get down on the dance floor to the dancing doubles. Learn your doubles ...

As your task today – you can carry on showing your doubles with blocks or if you would like to write / draw the items on a resource sheet I have attached some doubling lady birds up to 10 and 20 – you do not need to do them both. If you have shown that you have a good understanding of numbers beyond 10 try the one to 20 – but please don’t struggle through it – I want you to continue to enjoy maths.

Ladybird maths activities - You only need to do one of them!

Knowledge and Understanding of the World: RE – Good News

In the film clips and the story yesterday you found out about the friends of Jesus sharing some good news.  You are going to have the chance to share some good news today – I would like you to plan a teddy bears (dogs, fish cats, dolls etc)  tea party for your toys and if anyone else in your house would like to come – you could even spread the message to the virtual world. You may have extended family that you talk with on video chat that might like to come to.

You need to get the preparation done today. You need invitations, cups and plates, maybe some labels for the flavours of ‘tea’, biscuit, fruit or cake menu. Guest list.

The invitations need to be named, you need the date and time. (Remember poor old Kipper wrote his invitations without enough detail and everyone came a day late as he was not specific!) It would be very sad if no one came to your tea party because you had incorrect details.





Who is it from…

All of this is key information for your invitations.

Your tea party is to share in the happiness that we are all loved by God and we are all safe and well together.
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