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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good Morning Year 5!

Are you ready for today's learning?

Today marks the 88th anniversary of Amelia Earhart becoming the first woman to fly over the Atlantic in a non-stop flight. 


Later on in her career she disappeared on a flight, and it was never known quite what happened to her!


Find out more about her amazing life below:




Today I would like you to spend some time reading and quizzing as the deadline is tomorrow. 

I have included a book review so you can write about some of the books you have enjoyed this half term. 

Remember daily reading is at least 30 minutes!



Today you need to write your description of your creature you created on Monday. Remember you need to include plenty of detail of language, and structure it to be a well built piece of writing that suits your creature (friendly or enemy?)

Alternatively, you could write your own myth linked to the creature you have created. 

Think about all the heroes of villains your creature may face. 



Today we are thinking about comparing and ordering fractions. 

Have a watch of the video below and then try the different activities below: 

Year 5 - Compare and order fractions less than one


Today we are going to think about Magnets. Below is a link to some activities on the BBC Bitesize website. I hope you are able to access it, watch the videos and have a try at some of the activities on there!



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