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Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Year One.

We hope your week is going well so far.

Here are your activities for today.


You might like to start your day with the Joe Wicks workout on YouTube.

If you prefer, you could try the yoga video below. 

The Twits | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 📚🐒🐒🐒🐒

Science- Human Body and the Senses

This week we will continue our work on the senses focusing on the sense of taste. We use our tongue to taste things. The tongue uses taste buds or sensor cells to determine the type of food and send taste signals back to our brains. The tongue can taste different flavours: bitter, sour, salty, and (best of all) sweet!

Watch the short video found below which introduces the sense of taste.


Key Questions

What part of our body do we taste with?

What is your favourite taste?

Which is your least favourite taste?



We all have tastes we like and tastes we don't like. Your task is to draw or write what tastes you like and don't like. You might want to try some foods you haven't tried before.

Can you describe the tastes of the foods you like/dislike using the words salty, sour, bitter and sweet?

To do this activity you could print out page 2 of the worksheet below to record your work or you can do the work straight into your workbook. If you are doing the work straight into your workbook, you could split the page in half and write/draw your likes on one side of the page and your dislikes on the other.



Optional activities

Here are some activities you might like to try. 


Play the game Tickle My Taste Buds using the link below.



Try the blindfold taste test activity. 


Continue to learn your spellings. They focus on the spelling rule for adding ‘ed’-

If a word ends in a short vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u) + a consonant, we double the consonant before adding –ed


clap – clapped

grab – grabbed

stop – stopped

drag – dragged

trot – trotted

plan – planned


If your child is finding this new rule tricky, focus on spelling the root word and quiz on these rather than the word with –ed added.

*You might want to discuss that when a word ends in two consonants, we just add –ed.

Such as in: painted, hunted, jumped, buzzed…



Continue to work on the phonic booklet from yesterday.

The phonic game Buried Treasure can be found below.

Read Write Inc- Phonics lesson of the day

You might also like to watch the new, daily Ruth Miskin phonic lesson.

Today we are continuing to consolidate the letter formation of the ‘ladder letters’: l i j t u y

If your child is starting these letters in the correct position (the top of the letter) then they can begin to start working on the pre-cursive letter formation and start their letters on the line. Refer to the PowerPoint below for the correct formation.

Today you might like to focus on creating some alien words using these letters such as: jult  yult   tilj  


Please try to read for at least 10 minutes today.


Follow the link below to watch the video lesson on the White Rose Maths website- Lesson 4- introduce weight and mass.

There are worksheets to print, if you would like to, or if you prefer you can copy some of the questions into your home learning books. Answers to the questions can be found below to. 
More linked learning can be found at BBC Bitesize.
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